Fiery Runes II - Crafting a Sequel

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    Fiery Runes II: Crafting a Sequel

    The original plan for me was when I ended the fiery runes series as a whole the runes would just fade out and burn out on the last wallpaper. But something hit me. Blizzard’s new runes brought new life into a slowly dying series.

    The closer we came to the release date the more I wanted to make a full revamping of the runes and the circle with them. But I had to find the runes to use. It would have seemed fully silly to just have the 5 new finalized runes alone. I had to search out and seek more runes to add to the new rune-circle.

    The monk’s new runes and old runes were a start from there I was on the fence about other runes and artwork. I had realized I would have too many runes and needed to find a set amount. So I retired the first 5 runes that were given in the early iterations of the skill runes along with the old 33.

    So from there I took out the radiant visage rune and seven sided strike runes from my count. From there I looked over the Book of cain and found all of the monks new runes as well as two more. There were also a handful of runes from the book of cain as well.

    I found at least a dozen from the page showing a giant symbol showing so many runes in the first chapter of the book of cain about Anu and the Dragon. From those runes I moved onto some runes associated with the prime evils and of course those monk runes.

    Adding the new 5 skill runes from blizzard I had the new “Rune-circle 36”, and from there I started to really dive into CS3’s style capabilities so I could try and recreate and improve upon the fiery aspect of the Fiery runes themselves.

    I also tried to recreate the fiery effect on the nameplate text but learned a new way and styel to do it at the end of the first series.

    Recreating the Runes – Just like before

    Just like with the first fiery runes series I grabbed images of all the runes and blew them up in size or shank them down to match the sizes I needed and got started. I would paint over the runes in black so I could tweak and improve and try my best to replicate the runes. The monk runes all but 2 of them I used game files datamined and blew them up and had fun with Photoshop to mold them into the proper size and clarity needed.

    Even Though CS3 can’t replicate the star filter that I used on Corel Photo-Paint 8 and Eyecandy 4000; I went back to that program and created a 36 point star and blew that image up on CS3 so I could place the runes in a circle; just like before. I had to move the runes around a bit on one style to make them look like they were properly in a circle.

    Once that was done I recreated the trapezoid warped rune-circle standard to all fiery runes wallpapers, as well as recreate and change the style a bit for the Locations wallpapers layout as well. I noticed after making the locations wallpapers again that the new runes were bigger and I just adjusted accordingly.

    I think you all will like this series. I’ve put more thought and planning into this one this time around. I really will still only make certain wallpapers on the fly, but the way I will approach them will be better than before. My love for this series has been rekindled more, and you will see this series arrive just in time for the release of Diablo III. A fitting time for a series that has been going on since a few weeks after the reveal at the World Wild Invitational in 2008.

    I will update you all soon. Until then keep an eye out on this gallery as I add more special previews.

    the Runeweaver

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    Dude. That is awesome. We need more and bigger pictures of those.

    I'm not kidding. Was kinda sad when you said you're discontinuing it. Do, please, go on. :]

    Ha. Bagstone.

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