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    There is no delay when the game isn't ready yet. (...) Get over yourselves and go outside. I don't care if it takes another year for release.

    I'm just gonna go outside and wait for another year then, but can you please fetch me a blanket? it's gonna get cold in winter

    But hey!I totally agree with you man! there's some of the dumbest people commenting on this issue, right here! ;P
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    Quote from Eroon

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    They never said Q1 though, so nothing got delayed... early 2012 is not defined as a specific quarter.

    Even though they say "early 2012" they are saying Q1 even if they never actually said it.

    January - February - March (Q1) = Early 2012

    April - May - June (Q2) = Mid 2012

    July - August - September (Q3) = Mid 2012

    October - November - December (Q4) = Late 2012

    And now that we know they are targeting for a Q2 release then it is pretty much delayed since they said "early 2012" but thats not correct to say its still Q2.

    Why are you splitting it up in quarters? If they wanted it to be quarters they would have said so. They sais early 2012, the year has 12 months:

    Early: Jan, Feb, marts, april

    Midd: maj, juni, juli, aug

    Late: sept, okt, nov, dec

    But anyways, I don't think you can call it delayed before theres been an actual release date and it then gets pushed, but thats just me :)

    Why are you splitting it up into thirds?

    See what I did? : )

    Anyway, there wasn't a release DATE but there was a release WINDOW and that window was PUSHED BACK, hence another DELAY.

    I don't get how anyone can say there wasn't a delay, I feel like you're just trying to pick an argument if you do. The definition of the word does not require a specific DAY. They had a target time frame to release and that time frame was changed...delayed.

    1. To postpone until a later time; defer.
    2. To cause to be later or slower than expected or desire

    Come on now...
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