Trifecta ammy with 100+str and int, +25-51dmg

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    New here so I cant link an image, but the stats are as follows:

    56physical resist
    8% IAS
    65% crit dmg
    5.5% crit chance

    I have seriously no idea what this thing is really worth, ignoring the int its about 200-400mil on AH, but counting it as an int neck and ignoring the str its worth 1-1.5 Billion on the AH.

    Battletag: Sarith23#1754

    Going on a few days now with no offers in game or through the forums, I'd really like to cut a deal outside of the AH and help out a member of the community.
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    Keep getting the same old wish I could afford that item kind of response. Looking for a quick sale at this point. Hit me up ingame or on here with your offer.
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