Selling All My Inferno Monk Gear + More

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    I'm selling all of my Monk's Inferno gear. This gear was specifically chosen to be able to handle anything Inferno can throw at you.

    Main Stats:
    38,495 Life
    25.5% Crit Chance
    249% Crit Damage
    15,583 Base DPS

    30.9 Dodge
    58.68 Reduction from Armor
    446 All resists (59.81% Reduction)

    25% Life Bonus
    487 Life Per Second
    1598 Life on Hit
    17% Magic Find

    The set also includes a few extras.
    Details on every piece + extras:

    I'm looking for $70 for everything. Price is negotiable.
    Message me or post here for more information.
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