WTB Awesome wizard belt. Offer millions

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    I am looking for an awesome wizard belt which has the following stats as minimum:

    Intelligence: 150
    Vitality: 140
    All Resistance: 55
    life: 8%

    If you have something in stock please post the stats/img and your price or contact me in-game on Atlantiz#2237

    Thx in advance.
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    Shameless bump!
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    doesnt rly have that stats, do have

    belt 1:
    131 int
    134 vit
    9% life
    110hp regen

    belt 2:
    144 int
    67 all res
    48 physical res
    4% life
    95 hp regen
    56 strength

    ingame: torpzi#2896 if its anything intressting
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    That belt you're looking for will be very hard to find. You might want to consider something else if you're not in luck.. remember, armor is important too. So if you see a similar belt with let's say 100-200 strength and/or 100-200 armor but no % life then it might just be as good or even better. Especially if your resist is already high but your armor is low.
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    I agree, its very hard to find a belt that I am after, thats why I made this post. I am ready to give it a though incase I see an item with lower vitality but hihger something else that is nice.


    Cheers for the offers but not quite what I am looking for. Belt 2 was close but it must have atleast some vitality.
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    B.ump U.p M.y. P.ost!
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