WTS unidentified ilvl 63 weapons

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    Hello! I'm selling unidentified ilvl 63 weapons. 50k discount for every second item you buy!

    Don't hesitate to contact me here or in game, and best of luck!

    Revenant bow (2h bow) 450k
    Hellion Crossbow (2h crossbow) 750k
    Darkblade (dagger) 450k
    Rune Sword (1h sword) 450k
    Demolisher (1h mace) 450k
    Centurion Spear (1h spear) 450k (2 in stock)
    Warlord Sword (2h sword) 450k
    Sovereign Staff (2h staff) 450k
    Decapitator (2h axe) 450k

    Heaven Hand (1h fist weapon) 450k (2 in stock)
    Guru Staff (2h staff) 450k

    Slayer (1h sword) 450k
    Titan Axe (2h axe) 450k

    Witch Doctor
    Veil Piercer (1h dagger) 450k

    Demon Hunter
    Exorcist (1h crossbow) 450k
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