Crafting 6 Property Armors/Shield!

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    So I just decided to spend all my gold buying 6 property recipes and figure I'd set up a post where I sell crafting services (have to make back the gold somehow!)

    When crafting I will stream the crafting process live so that the person buying my services sees that what I make is what he gets and no one gets scammed!

    If interested add me at any time, Zangelang#1872 (Europe) where you include what you're interested in having made in the message, I'll add you as soon as I see the request, provide stream link and get to crafting!

    Below I'll provide the list of items I currently possess.

    Exalted Grand Heaven Strand (Belt)
    Exalted Grand Sovereign Greaves (Boots)
    Exalted Grand Armplates (Wrists)
    Exalted Grand Pallium (Shoulders)
    Exalted Grand Sovereign Mail (Chest)
    Exalted Grand Sovereign Tassets (Pants)
    Exalted Grand Sovereign Helm
    Exalted Grand Dread Shield

    As for prices, I'll be charging a 50k fee per item + the mats & crafting fee.

    If there's any other recipe with high demand, I'd be willing to buy it so that I can craft it for whoever would be interested in it (as soon as I have enough gold to spend on recipes again!).
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    Great and fast service. Fair guy
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    Bumping cause of slight changes.

    Mats requirement can be found below grand

    Find the item you want and let me know!
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