WitchingHour, DEX+Vit+Armor, and a barb OH.

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    My Btag Is Bolvaris#2563

    Wts The Witching Hour , stats:

    -35 Str
    -94 Dex
    -96 Int
    -46 Vit
    -AttackSpeed 8%
    -CritDmg 45%
    -Armor +194

    Not going for a bidwar, first one to add me will win It, price Is 70M.

    Stats on Barb offhand AXE.

    803Dps 1.30 Speed, 397-838 Damage.
    282-628 Poison Damage
    -198 Str
    -707 Life On Hit
    -63% Crit Damage

    Price Is 14M

    All prices are final, my btag Is at the start of this post.
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    Witching Hour - Sold

    Barb wep still available.
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