[WTS] Great Barbarian items

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    Masked Impunity
    +125 Strength
    +99 Dexterity
    +67 Vitality
    +56 resistance to all elements
    +4.5% Critical hit chance

    AH price: 20M+

    Sword: SOLD

    Amulet (great MF neck):

    Opulent Chain
    +104 Strength
    +273 Vitality
    +383 Life on Hit
    +31% Magic Find

    AH Price: Amulet is quite unique, very few one's on the gold AH that has the same amount of vitality and LoH combined with the MF (the one's that I found are like 100M, but I'm not expecting an amount that ridiculous).
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    Forgot to add that I'm not expecting the prices linked under each item, it's just an indicator of their approximate worth :)
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    seems nice
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    No interest in any of these items?
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    60m for 195loh blade of the warlord.. shoosh throll!

    60m are 1k+dps SLOTED warlords
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    Did I not make it clear? I said that the one's with 600 LoH sell for 60M (which they do), and I was not asking for it ever. Also, as far as I have seen, the one's with socket always goes for over 100M unless they have really really low DPS.

    Edit: the sword was just sold for 25M.
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