Huge Inferno Barbarian Pack 120+ Items! With FT

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    I'm selling a lot of items !

    Total is more than 80 items from average to very good items for barbarian!

    I'm willing to sell all as pack if I get a good offer within the next 24 hours.

    Start as pack : 10m

    If you're willing to buy all the items as pack I'm offering you a bonus hihi :lol:

    40+ Free Items mostly ilvl 61-63 !

    Total 120+ items 30+ ilvl63 30+ilvl62 20+Weapons 10 Legendaries

    My battletag : low#2139 if you're wishing to chat for negociate !

    Thanks and happy bidding ;)

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    Helm of command
    Chest #2 shield #1 pants#1 sold
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