Plan: Hallowed Defenders, need advice!

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    I found these plans last week and they were worth about 10 mil on the auction house. Now they are worth about 150 million (only have 20 mil atm) and I'm wondering what to do with them. Is it a pure level 60 craft (so basically useless after RoS release in 2 weeks) or will it scale up to 70? And how much value would this amount of gold have in RoS? And what kind of stats do the weapons roll from this recipe at the moment? I probably play an hour every day average so I'm not leveling paragon that much.

    Or could I make a profit with them by crafting them for other people?

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    They will be level 60 only. The shield is very good, it even out-dpsd all sources I got for a long time since it rolled cc and 500+ int. The weapons though tended to be 800dmg or so (though maybe that will change with the patch).

    I would probably sell the pattern if you could get a lot for it.
    Oh and all crafted legendaries are BoA - so you can't sell them.
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    And may the odds be ever in your favour.
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    dafuq. It was about 7 mill on the EU ah.

    Im hoping they fix the dmg on the 1 handers. highest roll was 920 ish. They need to get atleast 1100 dps
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    I bought this 2 days ago for 9 mil, now it's 185 mil!
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    Well the thing is, i just saw multiple 1300+ dps hallowed weapon rolls on a twitch stream.
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    Well, personally never seen a Hallowed weapon roll above 900 dps. Then again I've only made 20 or so. They have probably fixed it in the patch ("Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Legendary crafting recipes were rolling Rare level stats"), so maybe they can actually get decent dps now.

    But remember, the crafted items will be BoA, so you won't be able to sell them to other people.
    And may the odds be ever in your favour.
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    Yeah that's true. I'll just wait it out and see if the price increases even more :) I didn't even know about the buff, glad I didn't sell the plan last week!
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    Well, I made a couple Hallowed weapons and they're properly rolling 1.2/1.3k dps. So they've fixed them. But still, RoS will make them irellevant.
    And may the odds be ever in your favour.
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    They fixed the crafted legendary weapons with latest patch:

    Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where Legendary crafting recipes were rolling Rare level stats

    Hallowed weapons rolling insane well now. Crafted a 1399 Fistweapon with dex and socket.
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    Oops I sold it for real money =
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    I just sold one of these plans for 65 mill. The items may indeed be amazing, however given RoS is coming out in under 2 weeks and thus making the crafts obsolete to level 64+ rare drops (at a guess, I honestly don't know when rare rolls will be better or getting legendaries whilst leveling etc).

    The thing is you can get better gear to drop, you will find it hard to get 50+ million gold in a hurry after the AH goes down. I suggest selling for say 5-10% less than current market price, cash out and use the gold for enchanting and xmog come RoS.

    Think long term, not short term when concerning things with the soon to be permanently gone AH.
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    might be worth buying/crafting just to unlock the transmog. cool looking stuff!
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    After selling my found set of plans for 65 million, I just snagged a copy of these plans for 20 million and as has been said, these weapons roll insanely good! Just need to farm a crap ton of (not so) common debris...le sigh
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    The WD one almost always rolls with level reduction. Very irritating. I did one for my wizard and got a fantastic roll on it.
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