Sharpshoter simulator

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    Tried making a small Sharpshooter simulator script:

    This script simulates 10 000 shots fired non-stop with the given attack speed.
    Every simulated second, the critical hit chance is increased with 3%
    At the event of a critical hit, the critical hit is reset to the given base value right away (it does not wait 1 second as the skill in the game).

    In the end, the average critical hit chance is calculated.

    This script was written in about 15 mins. It does not take into account you walking or idle time to build up the sharpshooter further. This is a "worst case scenario" for the sharpshooter, imo.
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    I've run a few simulations but somehow I don't trust the values and I think I'm going at it in the wrong way.

    Example of an simulation:
    Attack speed: 1,6
    Base critical hit chance: 45%
    Highest critical hit chance: 84%
    Average critical hit chance: 52,71%

    What I'm thinking of is: as long as you're not critting sharpshooter is not really giving you any benefits. It's only when you crit that sharpshooter's contribution will be shown in your gameplay.

    the stupid thing about my simulation is the following: the more bad luck you have not getting a critical hit, the higher the average value will be.

    Anyone have an idea on how I can make the simulation better?
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    OK, I made some calculations in Excel instead, lol. I think this is much better.

    This is what I did:
    1. With the crit hit chance and the attacks per second, the average time between crits is calculated.

    2. This time is multiplied with 3

    3. this is your effective contribution from sharpshooter on average

    4. The contribution will be more if you add more idle time in between the shots.

    5. The contribution should be compared with what the other passives bring to the table
    See attached picture
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    isnt sharpshooter meant for big-hitting skills like cluster arrow and fan of knives? I see no point in using it with rapid fire abilities.
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