Monk or Wizard, who to pick?

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    Been playing both for quite some time on the beta, but i really can't figure out who to play first when the game comes out.

    As far as i feel when playing the two classes, Monk feels like dealing less damage than the Wizard, but has more survival.

    Im going to play mainly with friends and solo grind, so i don't need pvp informations.


    - how well do the two classes work in a group compared to each-other?

    - if im playing solo, will the two classes do equally well, or will the survival from the monk be superior to the higher dps from the Wizard?

    please correct me if my obsevasions are wrong.
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    srsly I got same problem . In my opinion only this two clases are worth to play . Wizz will be probably better becouse he got many escapes freezes snares and huge dmg output . Monk is rly fun to play but definitely u will spend lot of money for repairs :) . In fact wizzard got same survival as monk :) teleport frost nova mirror images. I finished beta with all chars and monk is only class that take dmg :) but I still like him
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    even with teleport and nova, i would expect monk to stay better alive vs. bosses, but i can be wrong :)

    well knowing that others got the same problem taking a choice for what class to play at release makes this discussion even more relevant. ;)
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    I see your concerns. I want to help with your concerns!
    Therefor, I go the webpage
    Now, I put in Wizard and Monk, then I click randomize. It said monk! You should play monk first, not wizard.

    Best setup ever!
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    Difficult, yes. Hard to say which one is better.. even more difficult.

    From the beta (and public games) I can hardly point at a class which is "better", because everyone is rushing and the game is far too easy at this stage to actually measure the "skill" people have to play the beta.

    I have the same problem though, only between Monk and Barbarian. Monk plays awesome, lovely abilities and effects, but the Barbarian just keeps on smashing everything in his way.. truly stunning as well.

    Back to your problem, it really depends on what you like the most, Monk is melee, Wizard is ranged. Both classes have perfect mobility (if you pick up the right skills, which aren't in the beta yet, such as Teleport). I really thought that by playing the Beta, one class would come out as my favorite. the opposite is true, I like Monk and Barbarian a LOT and yes, even the Witch Doctor is amazing..

    Good luck and you'll probably make a decision when the whole game is there :)
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    There's no reason you can't play both. It's not a race and it's not a guild raiding game like WoW where other people will be counting on you to play a "main".
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    Hehe, funny thing. We both are on the same question... I have had thoughts about the same thing. Since I don't have a work and I'm In school I can roll both...

    I think I'm going to start with a Wizard... It would be most awesome... Always loved range, "Can't touch me"

    If you like the fast melee attacks... Go for it!
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