[VIDEO] Fall of Westmarch (another anime like video montage)

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    Hello guys another video by me !

    hope this time is better !

    like it if you want subscrube !:lol:

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    for sure keep practicing. Don't get discouraged by my next 2 lines. If you want to get more encouragement, jump straight to the last paragraph. GL.

    btw, it is not, in any kind of way like anime. someone had to be brutally honest. That video is more like...an in game recording of you playing.

    You seem to have a clear understanding of transitions and others things necessary for a video, and you are obviously familiar with anime. I would suggest to make AMVs. You get to pick the all anime and the songs you like. I have found action or romantic anime to be very easy to work with, and some of your music would fit there perfectly (for the action one :p )
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    all comments apprecieted
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