SC EU barb 291k dps unbuffed LFM friends

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    Hey everyone,

    Since people are on holidays/play other games while they wait for loot 2.0, the online players on my friend list have been few as of late and I'm looking to increase it.

    Short background information about me:
    I used to play WoW, in Praemium Callidus. #27 world, as a healer, class leader. I led the winning season 2 arena team (only season we attempted) and ended it with a 196-13 winrate on Magtheridon after not moving from the first position for the remainder of that season. Quit WoW years ago though and intended to completely quit gaming. A friend gave me D3 for my birthday a year ago and I've been playing that since then.

    I play at varying hours. I'm from the Netherlands and I know fluent English and Dutch. I speak French and German to a lesser extent. I can understand written Swedish and Norwegian, since I used to speak Norwegian, though I forgot most of it by now.
    I prefer people who speak fluent English though. this is my account. are my skills.
    As you can see i play without war cry. I won't spec it either, I love having my nuke too much ;)
    I tend to farm mp10 when grouped up.

    Preferred classes to play with for me are by a huge margin monks that use exploding palm + cyclone strike, because of the synergy with my own build.
    If you have one and you have similar stats to handle MP10 easily, I'm looking for you, but everyone is welcome as long as they have enough character-sheet damage to provide a boost to the run (at the very least 200k).

    Apart from this I'm always willing to learn and I have a receptive and kind personality and I'm always open for fun talks as well. As income/hobby I'm a personal trainer and I give nutritional advice to people for a living, though I'm actually a law student.

    For a while now I've been paragon 100 so exp farming doesn't serve me a purpose really.

    I also have a 200k~ something dps DH I haven't actively played in a while, but I do tend to come back to it sometime in the future.

    It's not the point of the post but I happen to stream now and then as well, my goal is to entertain people by simply showing me play, when there's really no immediate downside to it for me. I mention it for the sake of completeness.

    If you add me, add the word "cookie" in the message.
    See you in-game.


    ^ Wotb + br up: live conditions.
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    Wanted to post a little update. When logging in this 1 time recently it asked me for my username and I forgot to enter the 2400 behind it so this is the same account. Bye postcount :D

    Buffed dps is 600k now and 2.2m tDPS and 475k EHP. MP10 only still.
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    Leveling up a monk these days. 145k dps with exploding palm + cyclone strike.
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    Hey there,

    I'm from the netherlands to have the same problem you can add me


    Tryd to add you but said it was wrong battletag :x
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    Just added you, and have now realised how old this post is, either way if you're still playing I could use some company!
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    Playing a lot less, but yea, I do still play :) Prioritizing my schoolwork a bit more lately though.
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