[EU] LF MP10 Uber rush, have 3x machines ready.

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    Have self solo farmed 3x machines and decided after hearing advice in General chat (http://www.diablofan...set-what-to-do/) that I'd be better off getting a rush on MP10 to get a guaranteed ring for my barb. I'd prefer to do all the work myself for my rings, but after the time it's taken farming the three machines in MP4/5, I'd rather farm the other rings while I already have one to increase my Paragon exp.

    Please help me out getting a ring, and don't forget that you'll get one yourself too for the trouble!

    I'd also like to confirm that I'm looking for a complete rush and I'll be absolutely no use whatsoever. I have been pre-warned that it's tough and fully expect to die within the first few seconds.

    Message me here or add me in game [battletag removed due to gold spammers adding me constantly since I posted it here :(] if you can help (Europe server only). I'm not interested in grouping up to try and do them on a lower MP until I have more devices, so don't message me unless you can offer the MP10 rush please.

    Thanks in advance.
    "It takes a man with real heart...to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep." - Clive Barker
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    Have multiple machines as well, If you can do Ubers mp10 successfully and want an easy couple rings, pst
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    Done :D

    Thanks to MrFister, Chaosman and Doflo for the help. It was good fun and I was surprised at how much I was able to survive (probs due to the constant freezing of the CM Wiz :P)

    And my barb is now the proud owner of a Hellfire Ring, and it's not too shabby for my first one as well. 267 Str, 157 Vit and a little minimum damage. Now to farm some paragon levels like a madman!
    "It takes a man with real heart...to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep." - Clive Barker
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    we can try a few runs
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    Also Looking for a MP10 Rush, I've got 3 Machines ready to go, so just need 1-3 People who can rush me through it and a Ring is all yours, that and my thanks. Send me a message on the forums if you're interested.
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    Also looking for a rush through MP10 - inbox me details if you can come. I have machines
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    edit: will look for grp again as soon as i get my 3rd machine again -.-
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    Hello there! Same here! I have three machines ready and i would like a boost in MP10 plz! PM me for more info! Thanks in advance!
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    Hi! I'm also looking for a boost, got the 3x machines. Msg me in game (schmidt#2146). Thanks :-)
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    Same here. Got 3x ready machine. Thank you very much for help:)

    BT: Kravinko#2822 Europe
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    Hi everyone :) Like its in topic, I also would like to ask for MP10 uber rush, ofcourse I have 3 machines. Thanks :) Message me here in forum, or ingame battletag: Tadeo#1582
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    Hi there,
    I don't want to start another topic regarding the same thing, so I just add my post in here. :)
    If anyone could help me in rushing mp10 ubers I would greatly appreciate it. Of course I've got a set of machines ready to go. BT: freakyguy#1195 .
    Thank you. :)
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    Well ill try my luck here, i got 3machines but i can't survive the ubers :/ need help on MP10
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