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Poll: What group will u be in?

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What group will u be in? - Single Choice

  • Softcore casual 16.7%
  • Softcore day1 10+ hours 61.1%
  • Hardcore day1 10+ hours 22.2%
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    I searched for a list of players that are starting D3 at release day and don't have a dedicated group or don't even want one (don't want to rush normal) but still want friends to play with after that or during that

    So in this thread we compile a list of battle tags people can add to play with on release day or afterwards.
    There will be three groups just to differ the speed so everyone can find someone to play with the groups will be:
    1. Hardcore day1 10+ hours
    2. Softcore day1 10 + hours
    3. SC casual (only a couple hours on release or want to go slower)

    This isn't only for release day since people that rush to hell/inferno will be there after release day also so if a dedicated group falls apart after first marathon people won't be left alone.

    I will try to keep this thread up to date
    u can add a short note (fits on 1 line with battle tag) with your tag to be more specific
    plz follow following form.

    1. Hardcore day1 10+ hours

    2. Softcore day1 10 + hours

    ViciousOwl#2908 (first 14 hours in dedicated group)

    3. SC casual

    Comments are also welcome
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    Nice thread, needs more replies though. Here's mine:

    burial#1234 / Softcore day1 10 + hours

    Looking to grow my friends list for release night and beyond. Not interested in playing 24 hours a day or anything crazy but I'll likely play a lot in the first few weeks. Reasonably mature, good humoured folks are most welcome to add me!
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    DzinkaMK#2987 i can play 24h+ 1st day active 15h+ evry day add me only serios guys 20+

    [email protected]

    Skype : Oliverjinka1
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    Battletag: Garuwashi#1453 Skype: Nufelli // Hardcore Only // Barbarian Only
    Black Swordsman
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    keep this in mind , hardcore = you die you stay dead , for good .... take your own conclusions out of this
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    Battletag: Higgins#2869
    Char: Barb

    MSN: cw_possessed at hotmail.com
    Skype: higginshax

    Few hours at launch, then all day Tuesday.
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