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    Hey everyone,

    I created a tool for the Diablo 3 community to help organize and set up groups

    It just got released so give it some time till it picks up, but essentially:

    - no need to refresh page

    - remembers your options next time you come

    - deletes your post if you close browser or post again (essentially you can keep bumping up your post)

    - checks if your battletag is valid, and provides you a link to the user's profile page to see what they're using

    - valid on all smartphones, tablets and desktops

    - no ads

    If there's bugs please let me know via the 'contact us' at the bottom

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    I wish this would take off. I´ll use it :) I don't see my own run listed, makes me doubt if it works yet while using right away.
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    Looks very nice indeed.

    I just want to comment about the design, if you put some dead space on the sides like 10-20% on each side it would look better and be easier to work with on big screens.
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