[EU] 178k dps DH LFM to exp/keys/ubers farming

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    This is my character http://d3up.com/b/296975#skills
    Short summary of my speedfarm build gear:
    Damage per Second 173,919.33
    Effective Hit Points 301,568.18
    DPS vs Elites 210,442.39

    I have other build options for more EHP but I can survive MP10 personally. I can farm MP6 slowly, thus I never do that.

    I was paragon leveling solo at mp2 with 50+m exp per hour but since my character is still a bit young (

    Would be nice if you had 150k+ dps.

    Running A2 VoA and BM and alcarnus for DE and A3 a bit random but I know the familiar farmpaths.
    Right now I don't feel like grouping up though for exp since it's just cutting my exp in half in practise but I'm looking for players that make grouping fun and efficient at the same time.

    Some personal info:
    I'm Dutch, 27 y/o, I play at nights, used to be in Praemium Callidus (#9 was our top in vanilla worldwide) in WoW where I was in a 5v5 team a few weeks after season 2 started and we've climbed to the top spot where we stayed for the remainded of the season until shortly after we quit (season 2 end) and those that remained rerolled to nihilum or last resort (hi to any of u reading). 196-13 was our season score.

    Nowadays i just game casually but I tend to make some late nights where I just play on for 8 hours still. I enjoy this game and it'd be nice to play with people that do as well without being bad.

    The only game I play is D3 so I'm online pretty steadily.

    Kamisei#2400 ingame, feel free to add me and write something about yourself.
    Also you may add me on skype, always online there, for chat: Raijinm
    I do have a mic but don't talk to just anyone ;)
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    Ik zag je nog iemand zocht om mee te teamen.
    Ben zelf een vrij fanatieke D3 speler die ook regelmatig lange sessies speelt :Thumbs Up:
    Op dit moment is mijn main eenCM wizard ,maar ik speel ook met mijn overige classes.

    Mijn battletag is Xer#2684

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    Update: 230k dps now
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    Update for my stats, won't be playing much till the weekend.
    Working on doing some ubers mp7+ then again.

    Effective health
    • 258.120
    • 223.727.43
    Bola shot DPS 1 target
    • 566123
    Bola shot DPS 3 targets:
    • 1.344.543
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    Now playing with a stream http://www.twitch.tv/kamisei
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