Your first SoJ

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    I got my first soj from a random player who just gave it to me. I found my second SoJ from a baal run (one of many runs). I put them both on my lightning sorceress, makes me feel nostalgic.
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    I played for probably 2 years on Ladder and never found a single one that I can remember. I traded for them many times, just because I had such a hard time finding anyone who wanted to trade for something other than the stupid rings.
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    Diablo II took seven solid years of my gaming life. I didn't get my first SoJ until half way through 1.09. I traded 40 chipped gems for it. And I kept doing that until I had 40 SoJs and traded those for a 1.08 WF. Which were worth more than 40 SoJs at the time. Very shortly after the .08 WF mass dupe happened, that day where you could go into just about any game and get one for free. Then came the really really bugged stuff. Ith Quark, six socket WF and junk. And thus the good ole days were over.

    Since 1.10 I have found numerous of my own SoJs and two Windforces, not that they were worth anything by this time, but still worth remembering. Somewhat unrelated but I also found a 30/40/40 ethereal Deaths Fathom on East Ladder, but traded it along with the rest of my Barb-killing Orb Sorc at the end of my DII days, for WoW gold, of all worthless things. /sigh
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    Played from launch to 2005 and again in 2010, never found a SoJ. Traded loads though (as the rest of you).
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    Still havnt found my SoJ!
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