Going to Nightmare/hell in D1

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    Hey can anyone please help me with going into nightmare in singleplayer? and is this even possible? i have defeated diablo, but when i start a new game i am still in normal mode, but with all my gear and money.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    There's Nightmare and Hell only in Multiplayer mode! So you'd better try it out, it's really fun and challenging! If you cant find players in Bnet anymore, try Game Ranger, I still see some D1 games hosted there.
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    You can also install Hellfire, which will unlock Nightmare and Hell in Singleplayer.
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    You can roll a new multiplayer char and unlock nightmare with that one. No need to play that toon online. I've read somewhere, that you may then also play your single player chars in other difficulties by first starting a multiplayer game in the desired difficulty and then starting a game with your single player char. Don't know if this works, but I don't see much of a reason to play "single player" chars anyway, They don't get the short cuts in a fresh game and the death system is different(save/load).
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    I'm noty entirely sure. Are you sure that you havn't done something wrong? But i'm pretty sure someone told me that you have to download somehting in order to get to nightmare. best of luck!
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