Have you tried White-gear-PVP?

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    Hello, this is a thread about brawling using only normal (white) gear. I will go through the items, gameplay and skills. I'm making this for fun (to inspire the members of diablofans) and not so much for a complete "guide" purpose.

    The "item game"
    This makes white loot fun and makes you spend time to search for items, looking through and value white armors and weapons. When you look for white gear you can settle for normal ones (no bonuses) to gain pvp gear faster. If you want a longer and deeper experience and dive into the search for the best white items you look for certain item bonuses.

    Paragon levels matter!
    Since you only recieve stat bonuses and not from your items the stats from paragon levels that provide you with Life, Dodge, Armor and All Resist have a bigger impact. Your time spent into leveling characters and their paragon levels pay off in white-gear-pvp. Even 10 or 20 levels might be important!

    The Armors and Weapons
    To make brawling more fun, challening and convenient using white gear (normal items without magic properties) and not your epic PVE gear. You don't have to spend alot of money to get expensive PVP-gear but instead challenge your friends, find it yourself and try it out.

    Superior +% armor (multiplicative of item's armor, raises your armor more than Thick)
    Thick +armor (addative, often low values)

    Solid +6% chance to crit (since you don't have any big value of crit damage, this bonus won't give you much dps)
    Exceptional +Minimum damage (only good for fast weapons like daggers on low level)
    Masterwork +Maximum damage (avoid this bonus, not very useful compaired to others)
    Balanced +Increased attack speed by X% (better for builds that benefit from fast weapons)
    Fine +% to damage (better for builds that benefits from slow weapons)

    To get the highest armor value possible and get the best gear you will want to look for Superior white items with the highest item elvel possible, for example: Superior Archon Helmet

    If you want to use a build with fast attackspeed, you want to look for a balance dagger, preferably a Balanced Dark blade. The highest attackspeed bonus is 20%, damage around 245 DPS and 1,8 attacks per seconds. That's really fast!

    If you want to use a build with slow attackspeed, you want to look for a fine maces and spears if 1-handed, Maces and polearms if 2-handed. Maces and Spears have the same attackspeed but there are some differences. The Demolisher has higher dps but lower minimum damage. The Centurion Spear has lower dps but higher minimum damage. Either one is fine, but I will compared them for you.

    Centurion Spear:
    Fine (+20% damage) 373-384 dps
    257 best minimum damage
    384 best maximum damage
    Stable damage numbers

    Fine (+20% damage) 382-392 dps
    229 best minimum damage
    424 best maximum damage
    Spikey damage numbers

    Builds and skills, what items to use

    Some skills and builds benefit from fast weapons, such skills are signature spells/generating spells that have a stun effect or other crow control effect. Examples are:
    Bola shot - Thunderball (stun)
    Bash - Clobber (stun)
    Plague of toads - Addling toads (confuse)
    Crippling Wave - most runes (debuffs enemy in several ways)

    Other skills and builds benefit from slower weapons. Builds that are based on spending resource and managing the resource and maximizing damage per resource points spent. Examples are:
    Channeling skills such as fire bats, arcane torrent and rapid fire.
    Hammer of the Ancient
    Wave of Light

    Why not Blue-gear-PVP?
    It's really tedious and take a looong time to gather a optimized pvp gear set. Keep in mind how many blue items that drop everywhere, your brain will fry from looking at every blue item because you can't decide wether or not to pick them up based on the name (since it could be much longer than just "superior razorspikes"). Since magic items can't have more than 3 affixes, it makes gearing a pvpset a waste of time. You can't get all stats you need and balance your defence and offence at the same time. White gear works great because it is balanced and easy to obtain (just by farming for an hour).

    End notes
    I hope some of you diablofans want to try this out if you are bored with only picking up legendaries and rares, or want to give brawling a go to spend some time in the Scorched Chapel. Create your own rules and squeeze out some more hours of the game!

    Good luck and have fun!

    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    White gear pvp is the only way to hav a balanced pvp experience in D3.

    I have tried it and it is fun.
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    Added some text and info! :)
    Make your peace...Quickly!
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    I prefer oneshotting ppl with my uber dps ;P

    But it could be a nice distraction for a bit.
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