Presenting to you: D3 Clan League for EU duelling

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    Hey there fellow pvp'er,

    I'm proudly presenting you Diablo 3 Clan League ; a community dedicated to duelling. Our goal is to create a community for players all accross to take part in the best duelling Diablo 3 will see. We have our own league script using the ELO system, own TS/mIRC channel and more than a decade of experience in hosting and facilitating duels in Diablo II. Several key players from the big leagues have gathered in the effort to make the community a really nice and good place to find the best duels in the Europe realm. The community has her roots stemming from the big leagues accross europe. You will find people from Euro-pvp, Postreality, AoW, PCL and D2classic there.

    I can recommend joining the community if you are looking for quality duels.

    The website is:

    You can find us on mIRC: (port 6667). The main/general channel is #d3cl.

    See you there!

    Kind regards,
    *Spirals (former administrator of Euro-pvp and D2Classic)
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    What's up Jorrit?

    Former EU-pvp player here.

    Good to know you are still following diablo content, good luck with the website, I will see how the gameplay works out before investing time into a league!

    For those interested, these guys are the most dedicated and consistent when it comes to quality controlled tournament play in the diablo franchise thus far.
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    Nice to see you spirals, bump this thread.
    This will be YOUR community for balanced, rulebased d3 pvp... check it out guys.
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    :( oh this is EU.

    Gotta find a US one :)
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    Hey guys, thanks for the praise!
    Vaught, can you let me know what your ingame account / nickname was during your EP time?
    You can always already join the community and help us out with making the project even better!
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    I will most definitely be joining. This was exactly what I was looking.
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    Quote from Taisto

    I will most definitely be joining. This was exactly what I was looking.

    Excellent, your very welcome.
    Please tell your friends about it aswell :)
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    Heard rumors that you were starting with PTR tournament soon? Excellent. Time to bash all. ^^
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    will be great if the iniative attracts best PvP'ers in EU :)
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    Today our 1v1 PTR is opening. You can sign up by opening the page : / league
    It's already an active league so give it a shot, we are looking for people to join our project!

    If you need any assistance, send me a PM / or visit us on mIRC.
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    First duels on the PTR have been played, leaguescript is working... come duel!
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    New call out to everyone looking for the best duels!

    The first unofficial season of the league was played on the PTR and resulted in a better build league script aswell as much fun for all participants. Tonight the first season on the EU realm will start and hence I dare all of you duellers out there to participate and show us your best!

    just a reminder:

    regards Spirals
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    Are you going to stream some of the duels?
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    we are no streaming any duels as organizers, but we encourage all the players to stream/record their duels for others and we will post it on main website
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    Yesterday we added the US League to our base, so all US players sign up and start DUELLING (brawling is for suckers :))

    btw. currently there are 178 players in our EU league
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    Season 1 is running. Over 230 players have registered and are doing over 150 duels a day!
    Check it out if you are looking for good duels!
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