PvP public games UI update wish

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    If there is PvP there should be slight UI update in Public Games specific for pvp.
    The minimum effort would be just adding PVP on the list of Monster power lvl selection in public games. But it wouldnt hurt if blizz give us such an amazing thing like a new menu button below public games named "public pvp" or something.
    Would be nice and usefull for all those who would like to play pvp with randoms.
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    Im in the same boat, I like pvp but not wanting to take it seriously.

    Add me if you want to pvp for fun, I have a Wizard and WD.

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    That is actually not a bad idea for once. :)
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    I sign on that, sometimes i want to pvp and no friends are online, i have to start going from game to game looking for ppl doing pvp, it's kinda boring...
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