1v1 PVP?

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    Will there be 1v1 PVP/arena's? I hope so. That was the major thing that killed WoW for me.
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    For folks such as myself that belonged to the melee duel subculture in D2, I was really saddened to see that dueling has apparently been killed in D3. I haven't heard any specifics as of yet, but the impression I'm getting is that Blizzard wants to create an E-sport arena style team PvP.........which I'm really just not diggin.

    Hopefully more people will start making a fuss about wanting 1v1 and Blizz will hear us....however, I really haven't heard too many people bitchin about it. I've heard more folks complaining about no PK'ing.
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    Hmm Im not sure how this PVP thing will work in D3 but im sure they will have 1vs1 if its in demand and blizzard wants to do it.
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    I prefer 2v2, more teamplay, but 1v1 is more accessible to most players.
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    i hope there is choices of how many players are allowed in the arena if there is arenas
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    hopefully there will be 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4, possibly up to 8 players FFA that would be fun :P
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    i definately want atleast a 1v1 dueling option even if it isnt related to an arena system
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    1v1 ftw, and what i would LOVE to see is class master arenas as well beside mix 1v1 there should be inside class pvp (no problems with balancing imo, just skill)
    It might be not fun if x class is getting ass kicked in all arenas by other classes without fun, if you fight the same class, fun is much higher , and there could be class ratings which would indicate what rating dh i have and so on instead of XX class being on top because of no ballance etc..
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    Hopefully it's not JUST 4v4. I'm glad its just deathmatch too. Trying to incorporate objectives would've sucked
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    i would love to see capture the flag, domination/zone controll and protect the player with the object style, PvP matches. would be alot of fun and alot of gimmiky speccs and tactics would be used.
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    For now they should focus to get balance right. Rather have a solid 4 vs 4 then a broken pvp with more alternatives.
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    For now they should focus to get balance right. Rather have a solid 4 vs 4 then a broken pvp with more alternatives.

    I agree with you, but I think you have your hopes way up. Jay Wilson has stated that there will be no balancing around PvP. Everything is being balanced from a PvE perspective. Unless they decided to change that.

    Also, I would love to see a dueling option. Maybe it won't be available for ranked matches, but maybe as a practice match option?
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    forget any balance wow friends, this aint azeroth no mo, so say hello to smoke screen and cheer those lucky bastards with godly rolled 4pcs Nat Wrath set. They NEVER did anything in terms of pvp balance in history of diablo and its the only way it can be continued. PvP was always and should be just a way to use game mechanics as they are to kill others as they are so unbalance ftw but u shouldnt aproach it this way as there is no something like balance in diablo pvp. If something is op you should grab it as it last>>>>NAt Wrath
    but it gonna be huge fun anyway cause there is no shit like all people wearing same "pvpfkinset" with boring stats and stupid cc clock mechanics, dr inter class cds etc "balance"...if something is op in your eyes, take it asap.

    good luck all ^^ and shall all make a magic wish for all modes from 1v1 to 4v4 and also dm free for all 8 players ^^ etc
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    I don't think there will be 1 vs 1 PVP, although u may be able to see 1 vs 1 fights when there is just 1 character alive of each team...
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    I'm sure they will have 1v1. It doesn't take them 7 months to incorporate just 4v4 death match.
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    Yes please!
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    Blizzard said there would be some accomodation made for 1v1 pvp, whether it be through a custom game or otherwise remains to be seen.
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    As far as i know, they didn't plan making 1v1. i though 2v2 was confirmed, but i ahven't really checked anything.
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    Quote from DesmondTiny

    I'm sure they will have 1v1. It doesn't take them 7 months to incorporate just 4v4 death match.

    Totally agree... But, remember, they are still Blizzard xd. I hope there is 1vs1 and... Soon, please !
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    The old PvP system of D2 is far superior to current WoW's PvP

    Back in d2 i could lose sense of time just by doing PvP all day long

    Just saying

    Worst think that can happen to D3
    - special PvP stat
    - team PvP only

    Best think
    - Rivival of the D2 system with many improvements
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