Thoughts considering PvP gear and balance

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    Hello everybody,I'm a long time reader,first time poster on these forums and thought I would toss out my 2 cents considering PvP.

    Imho the priority in Diablo has always been and should always be PvE,and the balancing should not affect PvE. I have been thinking about a possible solution considering PvP gear,so here goes nothing.

    - Implement PvP gear which is bind on pickup into PvE environment,dropping from any monster. Instead of for example magic find or gold find it could have increased damage bonus against other players,or damage reduction from other players. PvP should always have a class specific roll for your main stat.

    - Make the coloring of PvP drops stand out, ie. bright pink could work.

    - Have a checkbox available in the options/gameplay menu which allows PvP gear to drop. This way people not interested in PvP will be able to continue their normal item hunt after those oh, so elusive legendaries.. *random rant about droprates*

    - PvP drops should NOT affect the chance roll a magic,rare,or legendary item, they should be a "bonus" drop and not take away a slot from other drops.

    - Damage in PvP will not work as it is now, something needs to be done. I think damage and damage reduction both with PvE gear in PvP environment should get a flatout nerf, something in the range of 60%-80%. This could balance out itself with time when players farm more PvP gear.

    These are only a few thoughts, but separating PvP loot from everything else and making it BoP with class specific class rolls and maybe PvP only rolls should make it possible for every drop to be an upgrade for PvP while assuring that gearing is not dependant on your ingame gold or real money. This would also keep players focused on the main point of Diablo which is slaying monsters and PvE oriented players lose nothing because PvP will have separate gear implemented in game with its own affixes.
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    nice idea, but for some reason, blizz seems to have built the entire game loot system around the auction houses. Do you really think, they'll change this with pvp items?

    They probably will want to get more money from rmah fees. Considering everyone has already paid for the game, that's the only way to make money.

    I agree on the mechanics, that damage cannot stay the same way, but designated pvp items? Not sure what that would accomplish considering you also are for a change of damage mechanics in pvp situations.

    edit: also shouldn't pvp item rewards be gained by playing / being good at pvp?
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    Meh, no thanks. If they really want to separate the gearing of PVP and PVE (and I don't think they do) then just normalise your gear for PVP purposes so that gear effectively doesn't matter.

    Quote from Muinainen
    - Make the coloring of PvP drops stand out, ie. bright pink could work.

    Ahahaha :P
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    Quote from dense111
    shouldn't pvp item rewards be gained by playing / being good at pvp?

    That seems like a better idea instead of implementing a bunch of code to say "yay to PvP drops in-game," "nay to PvP drops in-game," additional loot tables, colored text, etc.

    Much like League of Legends, they should have stuff like "glyphs," "marks," or things along those lines that you can assign to your character to add, say: "+X% bonus damage to monks," "+X HP regeneration per buff," "Reduces X damage from demon hunters."

    Those can be awarded after PvP matches and should have nothing to do with PvE farming, etc.
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    PvP gear has no place in Diablo.
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    i am convinced you should have the same gear for pvp and pve. because the game is all about gear...
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    I think that its the best to have same gear for pvp and pve. In my opinion people should just change their build and not gear.
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    Quote from Laokin

    PvP gear has no place in Diablo.

    That's your opinion, sir.

    PvP had a huge, loyal following in D2. Organized guild tournaments, private melee games and of course the wild west free-for-all, stab your punk ass in the world PvP.

    I would agree that organized, sterile MMO arena style PvP has absolutely no fucking place in Sanctuary.
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    Quote from Laokin

    PvP gear has no place in Diablo.

    But creditcards have? As long as we can buy gear with real currency everybody beating you is only a rich boy carried by $. Actually i can't see a clear future for intense D3 pvp yet but unless blizzard provides some basic rules it will end up being a slaughter fest of imbalance with that large variance of gearing (eg: http://www.diablopro...at_ehp_unbuffed vs http://www.diablopro...at_dps_unbuffed ).
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