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    Ok, so probably a bad example for most, in runescape, having a character with 99 maxed combo stats and another character with 99 maxed combo stats. We would fight for insane amounts of gold or incredibly rare items using nothing but fists.. no armour, no prayer stuff's just completely naked chars, fist to fist. This gave a 50/50 chance of winning or losing.

    Besides the point though..

    I really want Blizzard to add a staking option to duels/pvp wherein you can "stake" item's against other players and win said item's staked against your own.

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    that could be fun, but some classes have abilities linked to weapon use... might not be completely fair
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    I agree it may not be completely fair but this for sure would make things more interesting. You got my vote lol
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    I cannot agree more with you, hope the company will do
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    Sorry, its one of those things that so obviously will not happen by Blizzard.
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    That would be cool, kind of like the wager matches in Black Ops. Quick question guys, have you found any good PvP guides yet, the only one I found was Diablo Arena.
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    Diablo Arena? Wtf? Massive scam... please delete his link and ban him... someone spreading this..
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    Well, I'm not seeing it where I thought it was, but some 'blue' at one point commented that they thought being able to spectate and place bets on PvP matches (with gold or real money(?)) was something they thought was a cool idea. Not exactly what the OP is talking about, though. (Ugh, not finding the source for that is going to bug me, I'm pretty sure I saw it a few days ago when looking for something else too.)
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    Great idea, probably will never happen as a supported feature.

    Doesn't mean you can't arrange something like this in private, though.
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