[EU] LF Hardcore Leveling Partner!

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    Looking for a leveling partner on Hardcore EU!

    You need:

    - Skype w. Microphone (for communication and for it to be more fun)
    - Extensive Diablo 3 Experience (Dont want you to die to stupid stuff)
    - Time to actually play and be online


    - 26 years old
    - Done about 250 Paragon levels across my character on SC
    - Recently started HC, one dead 38 DH, one 42 barb still alive
    - I always stream when i play Diablo so i hope you are ok with that! http://www.twitch.tv/actionhealer

    Additional Information:

    ----------> B-NET TAG is Plasmic#2506

    - I have some low lvl Legendarys and Rares for us to use in the leveling process + Gems


    Looking forward to hearing from someone, if there is anyone out there with time and interest :) , If not make sure to check out my stream at least!
    "I died in HC and ill have you know i only cried for 20 hours!"
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    if u are still lf add me in game,

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