New Hc 60 Monk lf inferno advice

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    I have a p100 monk on Sc but recently decided to try HC again. I loved the levelling and hit 60 yesterday.

    Could anyone give me a rough idea what stats i should be aiming for to start inferno ? I play mainly solo as i have young kids and frequently have to go afk

    This is the bit i was looking forward to least as i dont have the gear to start inferno but am unlikely to get many upgrades from hell so i am basically left farming gold to buy low-end inferno items from AH - the price of upgrades is huge compared to Sc :(

    Any advice /tips will be much appreciated.
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    I think you are not far from MP0 act 1. You should aim for ~40k life, 400 allres and 15-20k dps. That should do.
    The more your life the better, and with OWE you should be able to pump allres easily. I think you need to experiment with the dps, the main thing to keep in mind is survival, after that you can boost the clearing speed.

    I suggest farming Tome of Secrets and crafting mats, as you can make enough money from those to buy decent-ish inferno gear quickly. I can remember doing Warrior's Rest for this purpose with my own monk back in the day. Another place you can farm if you feel weak for this is running the first quest, where you have to kill Wretched Mothers. The area is elite-free (can spawn a big purple zombie, not that hard) and the final Mother at the WP can drop Tomes. Also you can run Sarkoth and the Goblin in the Cellar near the WP.

    I think there's no point farming Hell, because the chance you pick a sellable rare is low, it cannot drop Tomes, and the only profitable items are gems.

    If you need any further info or help, feel free to PM me.
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    Thanks for the advice , i did exactly that. The prices on crafting mats are really steep so within a couple of hours farming the early sections of act 1 i had enough money for upgrades and went on to clear the act. Cleared act 2 this morning and am currently farming act 3 keeps. Its been that long since i started on normal i had forgotten all the early tips and tricks and still had the memory of inferno pre-nerf, so was going ultra-cautious to start with but it really wasnt that bad. I got a bit reckless with the Butcher and my 13k dps was only just enough to kill him inside the enrage, but other than that havent even really had any close calls yet

    Now i just need to get enough gold together to get myself a tempest rush set for MP1 and i'll be a happy loot farmer. :) Could take a while though, those set-item prices are painful.
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    Those setitem prices are insane ^^

    You can do nicely with 2-5 mill though, and the high prices also mean that every half decent item you find will sell for x times what you would sell it for on SC :)
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