Hardcore barb act 4

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    ok, so iv started my hardcore barb a while ago and just killed azmodan on normal - but iv noticed beeing on a brink of death sometimes - probably luck saved my ass 100 times now [revenge proc].

    im looking for advise and tips on how to play safer and not piss my pants every time i c an elite + 10 mobs.

    i have almost 3k hp, lvl 29 currently.
    playing with 1h + shield

    my build is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bVXYgR!ab!aaaZZa
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    At level 40, I always aimed for at least 10k HP on any character I had.
    My 38 wizard currently has 9.5k HP and my barbs (died a few times) always had ALOT more due to the fact that vitality gives them defense.

    Upgrade your HP by ALOT. You'll want at least 10k and probably 12-14k.
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    ok will do. more ideas?
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    str and vit all your items, if it hasnt got that combo, you dont need it!! upgr all your gems, look for max sockets in all your items!! dont get attached to your items, thereis always something better, so look out for it
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    Hi Bohun,
    first of all, are you certain you arent under level curve? It may be reason for some of the problems (worse armor values and so on).
    Secondly, if you find it difficult/too much damage, try using shield with vit / socket (for even more vit). Also, use CDs like:
    1) Ignore Pain with 7 sec rune
    2) Shout of More Armor (20% or if you are 32/33+ 40% armor)
    3) Leap with +300% armor

    Overall, my barb build for hardcore (bear in mind that i was running with 100+ exp/ +19% exp since level 15) is as follows:
    rune on revenge is up to you, you might even consider switching revenge for IP i mentioned before. Also i swap cleave for frenzy/sidearm for boss fights and atm im testing running with it all the time.
    I understand that such build isnt the best for your DPS, but HC is not about killing shit really fast :) With such spec im leaving quite big margin of error/lagzord so that if I fail much (engaging 2 rare packs at once by accident) I won't die.
    Lastly, DPS also matters, so try to get yellow weapon 40+ DPS socket/str/vit - on EU AH i saw one like it for ~5000.
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    I find that on my hardcore barb, I like to have as much survivability (of course), but also MOBILITY. For this instance, I have

    Wrath of the Beserker (immune to cc)
    Leap (+300% armour rune)
    Furious charge (reset cooldown)

    So many times, i've got overwhelemd or seen a pack of elites that i didnt like, and with these 3 abilites you can just GTFO places pretty damn quick.
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