How many will play Softcore vs Hardcore in D3?

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Softcore vs Hardcore

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  • Hardcore 27.7%
  • Softcore 72.3%
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    About the poll:
    If you wanted the choice:
    "I will play Softcore in the beginning to get to know the game, and then switch to Hardcore, couse I'm really a Hardcore player"
    Please chose Hardcore.


    I'm not french at all.
    But I recently joined these forums. (yea, I'm one of those who have been following this forum for years and never made an account)
    Thats my way of saying, thanks for great news and forum discussions the past years.
    But enough is enough, now I got some questions. ;)

    My first question is simple, I would like to know how many Softcore vs Hardcore players there are here.
    Im a dedicated D2LOD Hardcore player and want to know how big the audience is for my following questions. (even if I'm positive the feedback from all you guys will be great)

    Looking forward for some results!
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    Probably both. Normal to experiment and hardcore for realzies.
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    Likely I will stick to normal, at least for the first 5. After that who knows maybe I will do hardcore with one or two.
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    Both, to start with I will play softcore with my brother and friends and hardcore alone.

    My endgame goal for D3 is to have one lvl 60 of each class on both softcore and hardcore, a complete set of all uniques/set items, at least one of each of all lvl 7 runes, and at least one of each of the highest gem grade of each type of gems, on both hardcore and softcore.
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    softcore. I see no point to hardcore. I know that people like the danger, but it's not for me.
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    Since the first time i went hardcore in D2 I could never enjoy softcore after that, but in D3 I'm pretty sure I'll start of playing it softcore alone, since the friends I'll be playing with only like it hardcore, but I'll just catch up to them later, or hopefully their characters die when it's time for me to join. >;)
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    Hardcore, because softcore holds no meaningful challenge for a seasoned gamer.
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    I will play softcore because I want to get a character from each class up to max level in Inferno without losing any equipment. Then I'll farm items to sell that I don't want to make money playing the game I know I'll love. Go Diablo 3!
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    *Probably* Softcore first as my GF will play with me and she would get pretty angry if she lost her character after an hour or two xD.

    I will tackle Hardcore at a later date. I plan on making it as painless as possible and want to learn the bosses and danger areas.

    I'd like to enjoy the game first, then tackle it as a challenge once I know what's what etc.

    You just lost

    THE GAME!!!
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    ill make my first few run throughs on soft and then try my luck on hardcore
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    Not a really good pole, Not like im going to exclusively play one or the other

    but it depends on beginning xp speed rate, if its super super fast, il have fun playing around in hard core, if it takes forever to get to level 24 il most likely have more softcore characters.
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    soft....hardcore has never appealed to me because id probably destroy my house if i lost my lvl 60 character forever and i had put alot of time into it
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    I think diablo 3 will bring out the hardcore gamer inside of me so yea definatey will eventually play hardcore. Only a couple of other games have made me really grind the content. ( diablo 2, god of wars, castlevania: SotN, warcraft 3)
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    I don't trust my ISP enough to invest in Hardcore. My ISP does not disconnect a lot, but the few times it does, it happens at the most inconvenient of times, including but not limited to:

    -When I'm about to win a match in SC2
    -When I'm about to win an arena match in WoW
    -When my party is about to kill a raid boss in WoW (and I end up missing out on loot)
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    Well...I chosed hc...but will start with sc first =P

    I just want 2 SC chars; a godly wizard for PvM mostly(also for pvp if it works okey, but focused on PvM), and a fun Monk for PvP, then im all into HC =D
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    Softcore only because if I somehow lost a totally decked out lvl 60 character that I put hours into I would have to go to Blizzard HQ and destroy all the servers
    Kill it with MAGIC!
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    I'll probably play SC ~70% of the time. Most people I know will play SC, most of my clan will play SC. However I do find HC fun and will play it some. I wouldn't say I'm in the boat of playing SC until I understand the game and then all HC after that. I think I will spend more than half my time playing SC, and then spend the rest on some HC characters.

    I'll probably start playing HC after I've completed the game on my 3rd SC character.. maybe sooner if some of my friends are interested in starting HC sooner.

    Hopefully some mid-level (lvl 20-30) HC PvP will become popular, I think that would be fun. - A clan and player database
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    For me it will definitely depend on the overall stability of the game and servers. I don't want to build an epic character, be halfway through Inferno and lose it by having the game crash. This was what turned me off the original hard core mode in Diablo II.

    However, I think I will dabble with it more this time around for certain.
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    I never had too many HC deaths that I couldn't blame on my own ISP (which wasn't anything special back then) and I doubt these days my connection would give up many deaths. That said, even my lag deaths didn't break the allure of HC for me. Something about a truly mortal hero makes the game far more immersive and enjoyable to me. I had a lot of invested time in my SC character arsenal prior to picking up on HC mode, but after a few months I never went back.
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    Softcore only because if I somehow lost a totally decked out lvl 60 character that I put hours into I would have to go to Blizzard HQ and destroy all the servers

    I'm red flaggin you in mah book, so if i hear the news someone destroyed the servers, i know who to come after =D
    ^ YouTube.Com/IceBleuGaming ! It's a thing! Check it oooout!
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