Intermittent FPS drops with stable latency

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    Hello all,

    Been playing Diablo 3 for some while now but I keep getting drops in my FPS. It stays for about 10-15 minutes around 60 FPS, then it suddenly drops tot 10-15 for 10 minutes and this keeps repeating.

    I tried everything :(, setting hardwareclass to 1, updating all drivers, windowed mode, putting everything to low gfx and so on but nothing helps... it plays smooth (even on the highest resolutions), then it stutters for 10 minutes, then it goes smooth again.

    I thought I had a cooling problem but that isn't the case either.
    Like many ppl I play everything else just fine, and it seems weird that the smoothness 'bounces' like that.

    Btw, i dont have a latency problem, even when my FPS drops, I still stay around 30-40 ms.
    This also happens when I'm in the main menu or crafting in the main town, so it doesn't has anything to do with monster density.

    Thnx a lot for some help cuz its a very annoying problem that ruins gameplay atm.
    Going down every ten minutes is as fun as it gets :).

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    A lot of players have solved some FPS issues by reducing sound quality settings, try that.

    Apart from that I don't know, but you're saying it starts happening after about 10 minutes.. could it be related to the fact that you may be running the same runs, let's say you reach Rakkis Crossing after 10 mins.. might be that certain renderings is giving your graphics card trouble, just a thought. If it occurs only in certain areas, your best bet is some good old googling I think.
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