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    Hello. I'm having some trouble with the ptr. I've downloaded the client and installed it with no problems, but when i try logging into the game it says something like: "there's a new patch available. the program will close and aply it automaticly, adn you can continue playing when it's done." (not those words exactly, but something like that). When i press the "OK" button, i get sent out of the game. Nothing happens, and when i try logging in once more, i get the same problem. It's probably me being stupid, but could anybody please help me? Fie
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    So er, do you mean you're trying this with the normal game client or the PTR game client?
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    Same problem here. Starting PTR client, states "Game is up to date". Clicking play, logging in, when authenticating a message pops up "A new version of the client is available, the game will now shut down to download it automatically". Click ok, game shuts down, launcher starts again, states Game is up do date again. Rinse and repeat.

    No problems with the normal game client.

    € ah, so the ptr is not even online yet? When I saw the Known Issues post, I just assumed it would be.
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    Bumping this, since PTR is now live, but the problem persists. Tried the usual methods, deleting folder, agent, cache, re-installing ptr, no luck so far.
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