So D3 learned a new trick this week

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    So heres the scoop. for some reason (completley unknown to me) my internet keeps cutting out EVERY time i play diablo now. Monday-Tuesday, i could get a 5 stack and hunt the key warden, and things would get a little rubber-bandy at times, and maybe seem like the server was about to go down, but generally nothing happened. Thursday-Friday, i couldnt even make it to 5 stacks of NV on MP1 (3-4 mins) before id drop to main menu, and then lose connection entirely. Today i cant even look at the goddamn auction house without my internet almost INSTANTLY losing connection long enough for my modem to reboot itself. (which thanks to this online only game means i LITERALLY can not play at this point)

    SEVERAL other games on this computer are running fine and im not seeing ANY issues with them whatsoever. So yeah.... Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Not having this exact issue but my MS has been through the roof since 1.0.6 at peak times, making it too much a hassle to even login. The only time it's normal is early in the am (1-5 am est) and I'm rarely up that late. Never had any issues since launch with D3, and all my other games including WoW still run perfect, speed test came back at 35 MS ping with 17mb download and 3mb upload so there's definitely something going on with the D3 servers. Hopefully it's fixed in this 10 hour scheduled maint coming up. If not then ill be hanging it up until it is fixed, sadly.
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    My game runs silky smooth.

    Both of you are suffering from issues on your side of the internet. It's very narrow minded to just assume it's their fault and point the blame at them.

    It's possible that the issue is your region, whatever that may be. But from what I have heard, most people have zero issue.
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    I'm glad yours does Ruk, mine did as well, all the way to the point where my launcher downloaded 1.0.6. I've never had an issue since launch, all of my other games run with no issues, including sitting in org at max settings with 36 MS and 40 world MS in WoW, along with 70+ fps. I built my machine from the ground up, it's a topic quality rig. I've checked my router, reset it, it's password protected so no one is stealing my bandwidth, I'm also hard wired directly to it. It may not be an issue for everyone but for me it is, (estearn US). Seems that whatever server my computer is pulling from is just overloaded during peak times, which I've never had an issue with before. I'm at 400+ MS during the day but run smooth from 1am-5am. With all that it only points to one thing, the D3 server for my region.
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