Framerate issues - does Blizzard even care?

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    Hello there.

    This isn't by any means a hate-post on blizzard, I'm genuinely looking to fix my own framerate issues, but in the long quest it has become, I've begun to think that Blizzard cares very little about it. There has been no recognition coming from them about this, since beta, when it hadn't been optimized - or so they said.
    I had framerate stuttering and fluctuating fps in open beta. I looked around and found a blue post saying it was simply because the game wasn't optimized yet, and that it would be all fixed in the release version of the game. All other launch issues aside, the framerate issues have stayed with me - and a lot of others it seems.
    While searching these forums for answers, and the internet in general, I've seen very little reaction from Blizzard. Maybe they are working on fixing the framerate problems people are having, but if they are, they aren't making a big fuzz about it.
    Have I missed something? Did they actually talk about this after the game released? it doesn't seem so to me.
    Luckily the game is playable to me, but it can be very frustrating to play even so, when the stutters happen at very inconvenient times (guess I can't risk playing hardcore), and framerate slowdown is annoying in general. For some people the game is completely unplayable.
    Is there any universal fix for these problems yet, or can we only wait for Blizzard to start talking about it and fixing it?

    Personally this is where I'm at:
    I've tried rolling back gfx drivers from the latest one to 275.33, as well as trying the new 301.24 beta driver.
    Downclocking my gfx card by 50 MHz.
    Switching ambient occlusion to performance instead of quality and tried turning it off.
    Disabling visual themes and desktop composition.
    And of course more normal troubleshooting like turning down game graphics, switching resolutions, switching display types, etc.

    Nothing works.

    My setup:
    Windows 7 64bit
    resolution of 2560x1440
    MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB
    2x Kingston 4096MB DDR3 1333MHz HyperX blu
    Intel Core 2 Quad 3.00GHz Q9650
    Gigabyte GA-G41MT-D3V
    Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650 V2

    Computer runs fine with other games that has higher as well as lower system requirements. Tera for example runs perfectly.
    I just hope it will get fixed soon. Would hate to continue playing D3 the way it is.
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    You need to set flip queue size to 0 and make sure you turn off the fps limiters in game.
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    I had the same stuttering fps in d3, what worked for me was putting on vsync, now game runs like a charm.

    Dont fiddle around with the limiters, they just make it worse imo :
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    Many many people have this problem, you can see that currently in the web site there few treats with more than 1200 comments on each, still no adequate response from blizzard (nobody knows if they are alive, they took our money and now they call us liars when we say that the game does not work properly)
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    Quote from Ryude

    You need to set flip queue size to 0 and make sure you turn off the fps limiters in game.

    How do you set it to zero? When I look in nvidia control panel, all I see is "maximum pre-rendered frames: 1-4". There's no option for 0.

    nvm. found it. didn't work.
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