MultiRifting - Play multiple Rifts at the same time

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    Now all 5 MultiRifting Communities are "invite only", please be honest and leave every MR community exept of the community you want to stay. Then we dont have tochat with everyone personaly. Its necessary to get more balance into the system. Feel free to ask a few of your active friends to join your community. We have some slots saved for them. People from MR 1 switch to another MR to invite your friends please

    Future of MultiRifting:
    We dont plan do create more MultiRifting communities for now. We think its better to keep it like this and improve every existing community one by one.

    Reportet players:
    We write to everyone who got reported (8 player for now) and there was only correct members doing some solo rifts, then joining a bunch of games in a row, because of that some player think they could be pure leechers so please try to join your games over a longer period after finishing your own rift(s). Team up with a mate and do the next rift while joining your games. Or just switching everytime between "making your own rift" and "joining some rifts"

    Bad Rifting cycle sotution:
    Ask for "wisper inv" if you have finished a rift, then count the wispers for some seconds before writing "full" and informate everyone in the community chat when there are more than 6 player looking for a game right now. Thats the point when player better should do the next rift

    Rift Keystones runs out:
    The Rift Keystones for some people run out of stock because they are doing a lot of Rifts, its a global effect in this community. So if you have more you could use by yourself please support them and open the next rift before leaving. In return noone should set the condition to open the next rift to get an invite. Better be honest and say that you dont have enough Rift Keystones to open the next one, then player would like to help you. If there is really noone left with stones than people have to farm bounties in 4x1 split party on normal or better T1 to get more legendaries from bags

    Full Chat solution:
    If you see the chat really exceed 100 player then please leave it if you are not MultiRifting for now. You can do it by clicking the gearwheel on the top-left of the chat, then "Leave Channel"

    All Communities are the same, we never had or will prioritize anyone and the chat is balanced everywhere for now
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    Maybe I missed something here but.. how is any of this tracked? How do you know someone's leeching wrongfully or that they've simply solod rifts and invited 3 players 50 times over again?
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    We look the chats all the time, speak with everyone and got wispers from everyone. We speak with all people who gets reportet in detail in every way.

    It possible with these players because >99% are very nice players who dont abuse. They even want to get old friends out of the community when they abuse the system, they wisper to me then, yesterday for the first time. But we speak with everyone before banning someone, even if we can be 100% sure that the player had abused the system.

    The people love it for real :)
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    So if we were too late we can no longer join the community? :(
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    Sorry Malijezek but for now we want to get even more structure in all MR Communities to let the player play with his friends in the same community. MR Members are able to let a few friends join there community so if you know someone in any MR Community very well just ask him to wisper me or an officer your name and the community you want to join, then you will get in. Except for MR 1, then your friend have to switch the community with you too
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    Hey ayu, thanks for your answer.

    Unfortunately I don't have any friends in the MR community, atleast not that I am aware of.

    Is there any way to get onto some sort of waiting list to join, for example if a player gets kicked out of the community a spot opens up for someone else?

    I love the idea of multirifting and also have friends that would participate, please let me know.
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    Quote from ayu2134

    6. Never join more than 4 games in a raw

    This is a big letdown. I joined a couple of days ago and basically only played rifts and invited people, since I was thinking, I'd play the rifts anyway, might as well invite people for possible future profits. Also, I like to play a couple of rifts in a row in general, but this rule essentially forces me to alternate join/rift sessions, which pretty much sucks. If I have the time to rift, I do rifts, if I do something else, I would like the option to idle in the group and leech. Now I will get banned for this, even though I am more of an anti-leecher than anything (so far, at least :D).

    Now I realize, that this can hardly be controlled, but forcing rules like these seems a little draconic for me.
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    Although I'm not part of this group and I don't know why i even bother to comment but..
    I do agree with Kueken - I'd always solo rift and sell the caches and rift on jsp so when you build up so many "leech" runs, you shouldn't be capped at how many you can do in a row. Why be forced to clear another rift yourself when you've already given the opportunity for so many others to leech your previous ones?
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    Because its impossible to find any pure leecher then. Real leechers who we find a few now always comment like this: "I done around 30 Rifts in the morning and in the afternoon I leech" this destroyes the whole community. And if you join so many games in a raw while other guyes doing the same there is no space for anyone to join then.

    So be community friendly and never join more than 4 games in a row, switch between hosting and joining, thats the only way we can be sure that you arent a pure leecher. There will be no exceptions. You wont have any problems with this rule if you aren't a pure leecher
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    @ Kueken
    We played a lot to at the beginning, for now we haven't time to play anymore because there are player who join 10+ games in a row and noone can join any game. Then the people who cant join any games type to us, its all because of people like you joining 10+ games in a row... but the time we played a lot we all realised that joining only 4 games in a raw before doing your next game isn't draconic

    Its only draconic for pure leechers.

    But feel free to join a bit more games when the people have to type twice in chat and dont get his game full. But normaly it should never happen if 40+ people are in the chat...
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    I'm in one of the Rift Communites and those new rules suck & I ignore them.

    1st, when I want to do 40 rifts, I do them and because im gently I offer people to join them.

    2nd, when I offer free stuff for people, I dont want to get rewarded with "inv" spam in the chat.

    3rd, when I offer free stuff (rifts), I decide how I invite them. Saying "request is not allowed" is utterly retarded. I dont want to click 3-4times to invite 1 person when it can be done with 1 click (request).

    In case you dont like the new rules aswell, join "multirifting X"
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    @ yindoo

    More than 95% of the pure leechers comment like you. Anyways, even if you are a correct player your play stile damages the community.

    We waited long and gathered a lot of experience before adding these rules. More than anyone other, so it would be nice if you trust us. Nearly all people understand why this is necessary.

    We wont disband you from every MR community for now but we have to warn you if you keep doing it.

    So please be fair and play community friendly :)
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    Quote from ayu2134

    More than 95% of the pure leechers comment like you.

    Do you have any research to back up this numbers? For me seems like you are making up this numbers to back up your stance.

    You are trying to tell people how exactly use own rift fragments, some people prefer request invites, some reading whispers and some "inv" on chat. It shouldn't be you to decide what they should do with own Rift Fragments, its not you who farmed it, i didn't saw you creating any rift aswell but you make it harder for people actually contributing.
    Quote from ayu2134

    We waited long and gathered a lot of experience before adding these rules. More than anyone other, so it would be nice if you trust us. Nearly all people understand why this is necessary.

    I would like to know how you got this experience and where, for me it seems like another make up fact to make you look more professional. Trusting random people on internet is never a good idea and i don't think its necessary.

    You got very good idea with multirifting - that's for sure, but now you are the one that is damaging community the most, stop with strict rules, let people do groups as they want, they are not that stupid as you think, you don't need spammy "inv" on chat, when they see same person trying to join again and again they wont invite them and identify as leecher. I can see already less groups created on my multirifting community im in and more wannabe rules lawyers telling others what they should do and to read new rules but none of them are opening rifts themselves.

    People that are creating events are most important for community, not you. Stop telling them exactly what to do because if you keep doing that they can stop, let them do things how they want. It's not your Rift Fragments and not your time so be respectful to them, they can tell who is leeching and who not themselves.

    Please stop damaging thing you created ayu, be fair and community friendly :) Best wishes!
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    I think its good idea to write in chat, its easier to find leechers and thats the whole point, if all ppl see 1 person who only write inv inv inv and not creating a single gamme u know its leechers, when he whisper u other ppl cant see it so he can whisper all the time
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    @ Netzach:

    Ye Netzach, I thinked the exactly same way like you for the first 5 days and it worked. It was awesome and I rly loved it, we all loved it. But now it dont work anymore because of a few hardcore leechers we have to get out pretty quick to change everything back to the sweet beginning. Thanks for your comment, I know you are right and I know you are an idealist like me. But not every player is perfect and then you have to change yourself for some time too :-/

    The rules wont be there for long, only for the time we need to find every leecher and if everyone would follow the rules we find them a lot faster...
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    So im Curious how do i actually get invited ? Magnelien#1892 only got around 150 rift keystones at the moment but that should hold for a while :)
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    Noob question:

    If i'm getting this right say I cleared a T3 rift id then invite 3 people to come kill the rift boss and complete the rift... At which point I would be able to join 3 games for there rift bosses/completes, is that right?

    If this is right, then I don't really see the point in doing it I mean what do you gain? Am I missing something :S
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    You do one rift and basically get 4 in total...the one you have done and three others...during peak times joining those three rifts is nearly instant back to back... :)


    Vllt sollte man einige MultiRift Gruppen zusammenlegen, wenn das irgendwie machbar ist...von den anfangs 100 leuten im Chat sind mittlerweile nurnoch ~50 ├╝brig...
    My Barb: Link
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    I have started a US version: search "MultiRifting"

    it is still open and at 1000+ members.
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    @ Vallerian
    Please type in English here. We are inviting more player since 2 days because the players aren't as active as in the first days

    @ ender56
    Nice to hear :) but better invite around 550 Member at max in one Community after a week, like this you wantexceed the Chat Limit, have smaller Groups of people who are knowing each other and provide a more family friendly game feeling for everyone

    Get Invited:
    Wisper anyone of the Staff together with your friends and get an invite in MR 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 all together. You can find us in the Community information on the right side after clicking on it -> Rightclick -> Wisper

    Other MultiRifting Communities:
    MultiRifting 6+ or any other MultiRifting Community doesn't belong to us. Sometimes people ask us so we want make clear about it.

    Experience with the new rules:
    A few people dont like it but most of the people rly love it and wisper to us how good it works for now. In addition we get rid of some hardcore leechers pretty quick.Unfortunately they will join MultiRifting Communities from other Players all together :-/

    Community Mods:
    Normaly we do the work in a small group of real life friends. We meet each other every day in Teamspeak for all the day and talk about everything. But before 2 days <T62E> quix ask us to manage MR 2, hes a rly cool guy, very kind and know a lot about it. I know him for some time and hes at our Teamspeak channel all the time we have to speak about anything. Thank you for doing a great work <T62E> quix !
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