MultiRifting - Play multiple Rifts at the same time

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    Rules of MultiRifting:
    1. If you want to offer a game than type the Torment level, what you offer and the number of free slots e.g. "T3@95 - 3 slots" for a Rift
    (Please keep yourselve as short as possible and dont offer totaly worthless games e.g. Magda for Chains Set because its easy to farm without any effort)
    2. Write down in MultiRifting Community chat the name of the player who offers the game to get an invite. Write it like everyone can clearly identify e.g. JohnDoe = "John" or "Doe" or "JohnDoe"
    (If you had bad luck and dont get an invite than add ^2 like Tim^2 on your next invite request, than ^3 and so on... Like this hosts can prefer you the next time. In addition everyone is able to see how often a player joining games in a row. As a Host please wait a few seconds after offering a game to prefere people with ^ because there is no logical reason to invite only the first 3 player who are able to write your name a bit faster than anyone else)
    3. Never invite anyone who don't write in the MultiRifting community chat
    (Because kicked leechers are able to see the chat for some time and can wisper or request invites)
    4. For each player you have invitet you can join one game in exchange. Join only 4 games in a row at maximum
    (If you are playing with other players in your party than arrange with them who offers the game to earn the invites. If a game wont be fullfilled without your join you can get in even if you have no invites earned right now but if you do it you have to offer a game by yourself after that. Do not offer only and permanently "low quality" games if you want to use each of your earned joins on "high quality" games)
    5. Everyone have to open his own Rift
    (You, as a joiner can ask the host if you want to open a new rift, its absolutely fine and nice to see but you dont have to do it)

    To join the Community:
    Go in Lobby and press Shift+O then "Find", set Language to "English (British)", Filter: "MultiRifting" and request an invite. Any other MultiRifting Community doesn't belong to us. Alternatively wisper anyone of the Staff directly. You can find us in the Community Information -> Rightclick -> Wisper

    What is MultiRifting?
    In this EU Softcore community you will be rewarded if you reward others

    Join the chat, open a Rift in a 1-2 player party and nearly finish it. Type in community chat: T3@95 for example (95 = 95% Riftprogress). Now player who can manage T3 will join your game. Feel free to join other games too but read the rules before doing it

    You can invite people from the MultiRifting Community to other effective things like: Bounty Bags, Hellrift Bounty on T6, Rare Boss Fights for good Crafting Materials and so on… The Community will reward you, its called "karma" :)

    Find a bad guy?
    Report player who abuse at [email protected] - Send a screenshot or wisper us directly ingame if you see the player abusing right now

    Invite your friends!
    Ask your active friends to join your community. All you have to do is telling us his name(s) and asking him to wisper to us. Please dont try to get in friends who arend able to play at higher Torment levels

    Hard to join a game?
    If you have earned some joins and there are offered to less games for now than better play with a MultiRifting Mate in a 2 ppl party to join your games over a longer period
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    The Hotfix from today boost Rifts again. There are people like Hynegardwho gets 3 Legs from only 200 Blood Shards right now, see here:

    200 Shards takes only a few minutes in MultiRifting and crafting legendaries since the update yesterday is so simple and effective... I craftet 30+ Legs and my Souls are all gone but where is the problem? Just do some effective rifting for today ;)

    Now the Community have already 40 active Players. We will do Rifts the hole day and invite People from the Multirifting Community everytime we are nearly finished (T4 Rifts)
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    You are awesome people! Yesterday was by far the most effective day since RoS release for me

    We could invite over 50 people within 4 hours to join the boss fight and we joined around 18 times somewhere else too :)

    BTW there was permanently over 20 people in the Multirifting community actively involved in Multirifting, really cool!

    Today we are back again, ALL NIGHT LONG XP
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    Guess for now there's only sc multirifting community?
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    I think so, havent seen anyone else playing multiple rifts at the same time :-/
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    how to join the channel?
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    i cant see a "community button" :(

    got it! :)
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    na softcore, sry zackone :-/
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    Startpost Edited

    Update from yesterday:

    Now we have 250+ Member and 60+ aktive MultiRifter all the time, the number is increasing from hour to hour and the reward gets better and better. People having so much fun and like the idea so much that he doing even Bounties Solo just to invite 3 Players from the MultiRifting Community to get the Reward too.

    People you are awesome!
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    Great community :) Makes rifting a lot more fun!
    My Barb: Link
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    What is the chat name?
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    I've set up the same community for Hardcore Europe. As Hardcore is even more sensitive, it will be invite only from the get go.

    We are currently like 12 people and we expect to be expect 20+ tomorrow. Whisper me at CruS#2783 or find us in other public communities such as HC Europe, Hardcore reddit etc.

    Thank you ayu2134, great initiative.
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    Joined MultiRifting2 yesterday and did a couple of rifts. I figured, I would do the rifts anyway, might as well invite a bunch of people for the boss. Decent community so far, everyone was nice and thanked me for hosting and such. Also, I should have earned the right to leech about 30 rifts now :D
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    awsome idea good job
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    sorry for the Noob question but how do I join this? I run lots of rifts and would like to do more! I love the idea of inviting others to the ones i'm nearly done with. Please let me know!
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    I am also very interested in joining, but how can i do that? i like the idea of people joining my game to kill the riftboss :)
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    Quote from Saleena79

    I am also very interested in joining, but how can i do that? i like the idea of people joining my game to kill the riftboss :)

    Shift + O in menus (or bottom right the button), click on find an then search for MultiRifting2, join and then join the chat, rest is self explaining :P
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    Startporst edited

    We now have 380 Member in "MultiRifting" (invite only) and 100 Player active in the chat all the time, thats the maximum number of players who can communicate with each other at the same time.

    in "MultiRifting 2" there are 189 Member and around 70 in Chat all the time, this one will be "invite only" in a few hours till one day too

    2 People get Promoted to help me managing the 2 Communities so feel free to ask your questions to them too :)
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    How about this algorithm:

    p1 clear rift and invite p2, p3, p4
    p1+p3+p4 wait, p2 clear new one
    p2 invite p1,p3,p4
    p1,p2,p4 wait, p3 clear new one
    p3 invite p1,p2,p4
    p1,p2,p3 wait, p4 clear new one
    p4 invite p1,p2,p3
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