20 RIFTS on T1 and 2000 plus blood shards = 1 legendary plan

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    Quote from korijenkins

    People who respond with "rng is rng" need to fuck off. rng is random but thats too random and not worth the effort. If rng is that bad to one person they just need to make drops rain its a fucking boa game for christ sake. Its not like the gear has cash value anyway.

    The thing with randomness is that the guy with bad luck one week can be the guy with good luck the following week or the week after that. How long has the expansion been out now?

    I think this whining about drop rates is just excitement and envy of seeing someone else's massive rock hard purple sword. They're like man how come that guy over there has such a massive raging purple pulsating rod after only a couple of days and I still have this dumb flacid yellow thing? Kids when they discover there's this new toy they can play with can't wait to play with it all day long. It's only natural to want to have your new toys asap so they throw tantrums untill mommy and daddy give them what they want.I personally think people just need to calm down. And realize that it really hasn't been very long since the release of RoS.
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    Quote from tenkataihei

    The thing with randomness is that the guy with bad luck one week can be the guy with good luck the following week or the week after that. How long has the expansion been out now?

    Long enough for people to throw shitfits that they don't have full BiS gear, apparently.
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    Played roughly 10hours on saturday on my farm route mixed with rifts and bounties and found 46 legendaries.

    Played the same amount of hours yesterday, did more or less the same stuff and found 15 legendaries.

    So yeah, it is just rng of how many and which ones you find, deal with it.That's why you shouldn't play this game to farm for one specific leg.
    To set a goal like I want my set completed is not going to work in this game, you have to deal with what the game throws at you... In many cases, with the new legs in mind, this can be pretty exciting...

    Just play the way it makes the most fun for you. Don't get frustrated if your team mates get some cool stuff ;)
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    well I agree with some here, its just a Bind to Account game, no market, no trade, and sometimes de RNG it is too bad for some .. but your eyes always shine when a star appears in the map, but you also have to pray it to be useful ... drop seems a little bit low for me ...

    The drop rate would be ok, if legendary were real legendaries, but find some orange garbage every two hours that you can only trade with NPC is very sad ...

    miss the trade market from the previous game, but well, its a game from 10 years ago...
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    I feel you bro! I'm having such an awful week of farming :(

    Yesterday had 2 flumitatores with VIT and no Socket.............. and that was the best...


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    Quote from zachafella831

    I've been grinding since patch 2.0 anywhere from 6 - 12 hours a day and have NOT found a single set item. I repeat 0 set items.

    I feel with ya... found only 3 Set Pieces myself... Vyr's Pants... 3 times... starting to piss me off.
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    I think a big part of this kind of sentiment is that elemental damage isn't on the char sheet DPS total. I think what people really want is steady progression that they can see, and a lot don't really know how much they've improved since the expansion. It's probably more than they know, but the fact that they don't know is the issue itself.
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    Something similar with me actually, I have found like every set plan, but no actual set items. I wish trading was a thing.
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    Quote from Faesrollvtwo

    20 Rifts is like 2-2.5 hours. Just because you're slow/inefficient doesn't mean everyone else is.

    I've played over 110 hours on my crusader now, completed 271 rifts, and collected 14000 shards.

    I haven't found a single set item for my class (3 for other classes). However players claiming they go 3+ hours without legendary is just plain bullshit, ever since the buff I average 1-2 legendaries per rift (T1-2). Occasionally I have one without but that's one rift, not 3 hours of gameplay.

    And no I don't count plans as legendaries.

    I can only say you are lucky.
    I do Torment 1 and 2 when i feel like the challenge. I went through 16 rift yesterday with getting 3 plans and 1 leoric signet that i am still trying to reroll on.

    RNG is RNG. and RNG is in your favor.

    Won't say I got lot of legendary's cause that is not true. 8/10 times though they have turned into forgotten soul. Though it seems enchantign despises me more than legendary's cause after trying to reroll a neck i have in my bank and my new ring at least 30 times each I have yet to get a proper roll.

    My stats so far in legendary's
    61-69 (boosting friends and leveling alts) = 51
    Bounty's (lvl 70) = 12
    Rift = 5 + 9 plans + all the gem recipes
    kadela (3500~ blood shards) = 1

    With my luck with lvl 70 legs I think i have a better chance jsut going for the campaign mode and the guranteed. it only takes 10-12~ hours to go through anyway on torment 1
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    I was doing rifts yesterday twice a day:

    First session took me aprox 2h and got 3 set plans + ring (decent but not close to an upgrade)

    Second session 1,5h - got 1 leg - belt...><

    Looking forward to farm again.. I did not spend too much playing but It would be nice to see another set piece for my barb. got hands days ago.
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    After 134 hours played on my crusader today was the day for me to find my first crusader set item. I got a pair boots with crappy stats but atleast I got a set item.
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    4 hours till I find a leg ... neanderthal ... tired today ... rng is rng .. my girlfriend watching movies almost found the same amount of leg as me ...
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    I typically find 1 legendary per rift. Though the other day I found 2 legendaries from ONE PACK.......RNG is RNG.
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    Quote from zachafella831

    Don't you guys feel that the gap between the lucky and the unlucky is too huge? There should be some middle ground or separate option for the players that will NEVER find a set item / decent legendary.

    And just because one person finds legendarys every hour doesn't mean the other person does too...

    I know several players who find good items every day, and I know other players (who just quit) who grind hours and hours a day and never found anything even remotely decent.

    There needs to be a middle ground.

    There is a middle ground and it comes with TIME. The love/hate relationship with RNG is that it is really a battle of the law of averages (which is linear) the more time that passes the more we regress to the mean (get to being average) so don't fret, put in your time, you will end up average over time (for better or for worse -- but atleast you've got that).
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    OP. I know the feeling man, but your luck will turn around. There are some days where I find 0 set items, and then other days where I find 4+ set items. Sorry for your bad streak. Trust me, it will turn around. Try running some MF.
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    Ever since RoS came out... 90% of my orange drops get salvaged sadly. Reforging rares make them better than some legendaries in my case (and then you can't afford to reforge the hell out of these legs all the time)
    The only good drops i got were (thank God) an offhand (talrasha with kind of bad rolls) and a weapon, but the damn thing hooks mobs to me and as a low toughness wizard.. it's funny cause it hurts :P
    Oh and i got loads of plans, but most of them being class-specific, only wizard plan is for a staff which is crap atm. :)

    Wish i realised in time that reforging the same item, the cost gets higher and higher. Now I would be diving in some more gems.
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    I'm sorry, but I find at least one usable item per day. I'm not a lucky person either. Granted, it's usually not a set item. It doesn't even have to be a leg. I study all drops carefully, except blues. Call me crazy, but I make rares work at times. I try to make the RNG work for me as much as possible.
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