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    If you want to check out some Reaper of Souls gameplay we have the perfect spot for that - the official DiabloFans stream!

    I'll be playing the game myself, but I'm not very talkative, so I'm letting my wife speak as that way I don't even have to mind the chat. :P

    Check out the stream here! http://www.twitch.tv/diablofans
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    You lazy bum.
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    thanks for interactive stream finally i got answered some of my questions
    even after watching ROS beta streams for 10hr/day since it came out i still had some questions
    and i got my answers

    if u got questions check it out!
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    Stream is awesome. If you have questions you will VERY likely have them answered almost instantly.
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    I love foreign accents! I also like hearing Overneathe grunt out stuff in the background every now and then!

    "This is our douche."

    Made my day.
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    Thanks a lot guys! We try to keep it as much about the community as possible. We've leveled all classes to show the changes and go around every corner of the game to show stuff people are curious about. It'll likely be daily thing, but not quite sure yet. :)
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    Hai thar! Here is the me - the wife, Vicky. You cannot imagine how much everything seems worth it when we read such kind and heartwarming comments. We'll continue trying to provide you with information and if you want to ask anything related to RoS, this is your chance ;]

    Thanks again <3
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    Enjoyed your stream had it on in the background for a while it was more entertaining then the majority of the crusader beaming ones!
    Keep it up :-)
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    I typically hate streamers, won't watch 'em. But this was different. Getting a sneak peek is nice. You guys (gal) seem genuinely concerned with informing the players, as opposed to the typical shameless self-promotion involved in most streams.

    BTW: Your wife's accent is just awesome to listen to. It would be interesting just to listen to her read the ingredients on a box of pancake mix. I mean that respectfully, of course.
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    Best husband-wife team since Sonny and Cher.

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    This should be pinned for the meantime IMO.
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    No, that'll raise their egos sky high. Let them stay humble.
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    Thanks for the stream guys. Because of diablofans, I found out about the friends and fam beta. Vicky you have a great accent. Long live the diablo team. We'd rather look at you vicky then overneathe anyways.

    See you guys on the stream.
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    So we're wondering if we should stream in a bit. Like, in about half an hour. Anyone home by this time?
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    I'm home. But I still gotta make dinner :P
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    Nice informative stream. Keep it up. :)
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    That a pretty nice Stream .
    And thank you for anwsering my question .
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    Quote from maka

    Best husband-wife team since Sonny and Cher.


    Or Ike and Tina Turner ? :d3d:
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