Horned Chargers bugged?

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    hope this is the right section for my question. If not mods feel free to move it to the propper forum. ;)

    So here we go..In my farming set im used to have ~575k EHP vs melee according to d3up(without dodge). How ever im getting oneshoted by the charge attack of horned chargers(elite and champs). I only find those at the northern highlands and leorics hunting grounds. Im not talking about savage beasts which you can find at the fields of misery! Those never oneshoted me. They can drop me down to like 40% hp from a single charge and they dont charge at all if you stay in melee range.

    Link: http://www.diablowiki.net/Beast_(monster)#Horned_Charger

    So what happens:

    Regardless of mp9 or 10 the charge simply oneshots me. They charge even at close melee range so sometimes you dont have a chance to move out and its hard to see when the charge animation starts.

    NO other type of mob currently found ig is able to oneshot me even on mp10. So i doubt its related to my ehp.

    Does anyone else running into those elites and getting oneshoted? I highly doubt this kind of inc. damage is intended.
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    I can't tell. To me it feels like they have the same impact. For my own survivability, their threat levels are the same.

    I actually tanked an elite pack of the and a champ pack simultaneously at the Northern Highlands in a 4x players MP10 pub game.

    Those chargers and the Savage Beasts generally take out 20% of my HP per full charge.

    Honestly, I can't explain why you're getting one-shot by them when you're fine with Savage Beasts.
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    I've experienced that sometimes the horned chargers make the charge attack but doesn't play the animations. This means it does the damage of a charge attack but it looks like it doesn't move/charge. It must be a bug when animations interfere with eachother.
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    I have also experienced this before. It is not always but sometimes they will one shot charge you. Perhaps its a bug with the elite pack when they have certain properties.
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    Main problem I've noticed with these is more from the Savage Beasts. I've had quite a few instances where they charge me from off screen, so I can't see and can't move. Insta-death when I was trying to push into higher MPs with my bad self found characters. I'm guessing they get tagged from off screen, or from nearby monsters being tagged, and instantly charge before moving closer.

    However, I have been caught with the elite/champ packs of the Horned Charger and killed more than the ones in Fields of Misery. They do tend to charge from a closer distance more often but I just thought that was a slight change in the different monster type and thought nothing of it. There have been times when the pack has ripped me apart very quickly and I've wondered what the hell happened, and just put it down to a lag spike or server glitch where I didn't catch it. Maybe it was the instant charging you mentioned? Would explain it since I can generally work out the reasons for my other deaths.

    BTW: Yes, I know it sounds like I die a lot and I need more EHP, but I've been playing with my self-found account for the last few months. Always nice to push the MP and see what kills you, which areas you can survive and learn if it's worth the exp/mf/gf boost or not and whether you should equip the +poison resist item you just found instead of the +arcane you've got because you keep getting shit without all res!
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