There's nothing legendary about a pair of old socks

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    Taste that word for a sec.. Legendary .. when they once in a blue moon DO drop they should be good to awesome, there's nothing "legendary" about finding 50 Echoing Fury and you know even before you identify them that only 2 or 3 of them will be decent.

    I understand that Blizzard wants players to feel that they are heroes and want them to find legendary stuff, but there's nothing legendary about the feeling you get these days when one of these shinies hit the ground. What you feel is "oh well these will most likely be as legendary as a pair of old socks", not "woah, wait.. is that.. really?!"

    They'll just need to find a solution to this and I know they've talked about it recently. Let's just hope they really do nerf the droprates in exchange for better quality - noticeably. There's nothing legendary about seeing 995,000 Windforce or Stormshield up on the AH at any given time. If they absolutely need to cling to the mindset that everyone should find legendaries all the time then O.K..

    .. but how about a new tier of items then that are truly legendary, something very rare that you won't find on AH in the thousands and that can't be farmed for in any predictable way. They could have a flat, VERY low droprate independent of Magic Find and one could find them anywhere, even in Act 1, Quest 1 Normal mode. They could be Account Bound and have scaling stats, usable from level 1-60. They could be for example the same as the current legendaries/sets except they have higher stats and/or some unique effects. They could of course also be totally different. This would make the item hunt more interesting and further shift the focus from the AH for a lot of players. They'd have to be very rare - the stuff of legends. The kind of loot any player, new or veteran, would jump in their chairs about if they came across them.

    What do you feel about this? Should they cut the amount of legendaries dropped by like 80% in exchange for much better rolls when they finally DO hit the ground? I know they say they're thinking of doing this with rares and that's great. I suppose some of that will transfer over to legendaries as well but at the same time they're saying they're going to open up for low level legs to roll max level stats. Doesn't this mean there's a massive new loot table introduced all of a sudden?

    And how would you feel about a new tier of Account Bound, extremely rare loot? I realize that a lot of players are against Account Bound items in the first place but the current AH system basically trumps everything now. The 1.07 crafting helped a little bit but Account Bound has its own value in an economy where everything is too easily accessible. Blizzard will keep adding Account Bound items up until a certain point in any case.

    Please see the thread for further insights/discussion:
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    totally agree with this. though the big beam of light is a big "OH SHIT" moment, once you ID it, you'll always be like "oh.. shit..."
    I actually thought about this as well, and came up with a somewhat similar idea:

    Call the current legendaries "Uniques" and make them procs of normal rares of corresponding iLvls, with a proc chance equal to the drop chances nowadays (and being affected by passive MF for example). So that IDing a level 63 rare crossbow has a chance of proccing a Manticore unique. This way, you'll still have the legendary drop feeling, but you don't have to expect it to be worth half a billion everytime you see one, it's just an added bonus.

    And as you said make a new tier of "true" legendaries. Low drop chance, high stat rolls, special bonus stats or effects etc etc. I think i got 4 legendaries total pre legendary buff patch, and i was fine with that. I also kept them, because they felt legendary (even though the stat were rubbish). But having that drop rate of 4 per month instead of 4 per play session is totally fine with me, as long as the legendaries are in fact legendary
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    Well of course this is how it should be and they said they're looking into doing just this with rares and by rares i assume anything rare or higher. It wouldn't make sense to have 10-15 legendaries drop and then just 1 rare, and that rare turned out better than 10-14 of those legendaries. So when they said rare i'm assuming all above rare. Introducing a new tier of loot will come with the expansion for now i think they should stick to balancing the current set of sets legendaries and rares. No need for more stuff to come in, in my mind. To your last point well I guess you're right there will be a new loot table considering every legendary or set can now be ilvl63 technically. This to me is GREAT! now each legendary can give me at least something decent, while providing their own unique bonuses that will make people go for this one over the other. No more it's gotta be a mempo or a tals chest or vile ward's now I can be like oh i have the exact same stats on a different item allowing me to pick which look I want without having to sacrifice quality of the item.
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    In my opinion blizz does seem to now be moving in the right direction, however as I read recently in another thread the suggestion of another item tier with red items and this will along with the changes to current rares/legendaries vastly improve things.

    As you say the new items should not be affected by mf and be much harder to find, I like the idea of being able to find them anywhere no matter your level. Also not available to trade via the AH (I don't think being able to trade them should be ruled out but not using the current systems). This will help to reduce how radically the current items need to be changed still of course very important.

    On another topic how about a new set of charms (not the d2 ones) that can for a certain time charm an item improving it after X time or x kills it wears off, they are like dye bottles you just right click and it charms your chosen item. Normaly not a big fan of account bound items but some things should be limited so as they cannot be used as a permanent buff (if you could afford to buy it from AH when ever it runes out). Some could just be for fun change how your char looks or like originally suggested at blizz you gain for a while a pet to collect your gold. They would drop at about the frequency that legs do now.

    For example:

    Madawc's Golden Charm of Quickness

    When applied to an item this charm grants double the ias currently on that item.

    Duration 2 hours playtime.

    Anyway the OP is right in the end I think another tier will be needed but without destroying the old many of the suggestions would not take away from current items and that is key.
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    Personally i think it has come to a point where its almost impossible to find a useful item you can use, or sell for more than a million on the AH, and so the whole grinding becomes irrelevant.
    I earn more gold spending 10 min a day buying selling lvl10> items on the AH(+50 mil in 3 weeks sofar.), than i do spending several hours grinding for items in inferno act 3.

    The game need a ladder reset, runewords, a new tier of gear to grind for, or charms... something that makes it possible not having to play 50 hours just to find one useful item as it is now.
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    b4 these last few post i was right there with you guys. That being said... the changes we are talkin about here are on the way. (but most likely a little at a time) Be patient.
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    Thanks for some great replies. There are always things that 'seem like a good idea at the time' but really doesn't work down the road. Y'all have added important points of view to the topic. Which brings me to mentioning that what if you were running the whole D3 show .. what would you do, jump on the next good suggestion or would you rather think things through?

    Blizzard are pretty good at this, I have played WoW for years (since vanilla, mostly PvP and I am the proud owner of the Bloodthirsty title) and I've seen hundreds if not thousands of small to big changes happening. Point is I know how they work/do things. I can't say I've seen them do something totally half witted even once - they do things right when they do set their mind on something. Of course they've done some blunders but there's a lot to consider.

    A lot of us keep playing because we know who Blizzard are and we know they can deliver in time. We knew even from the start that it wasn't going to stay like this and that this game would only get better and better. I have a lot to criticize Blizzard for at times and I do criticize, not only here but elsewhere also. But they always seem to find a way to make things work even though it wasn't perfect to begin with. They're no stranger to admitting mistakes.
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    Great point, and I completely agree. They think about what they do.

    And about your questions "what would you do" - in fact, I always try to reflect why Blizzard doesn't "hotfix" something by using the awesome suggestion mentioned in a thread somewhere. And most of the time (I'd say always) there's a pretty good reason for it. WC1+2 and D1 weren't really perfectly balanced, but ever since the SC1 development they put a lot of effort into balancing game play (balancing micro management in StarCraft, balancing races in WarCraft, balancing difficulty level of WoW end game, and balancing itemization/skills in Diablo). There might be some people who disagree, but since all these games set absolute benchmarks in their genres and are unmatched in many dimensions of success I think they're doing pretty good.

    There was a Blizzard retrospective video a couple of years ago, highlighting the history of the company, and the pivotal point was more or less happening in the end of the 90s. When they cancelled "WarCraft Adventures", and when they developed a game that looked like WarCraft 2.1 and after hitting the reset button several times turned out to be a completely different game that reshaped the entire RTS scene and become national sport in some countries, ruling the genre for a decade. (I can really recommend to dig into the development of StarCraft, it is an amazing story.) This did not only change my perception of the gaming industry, but also my reflection on announcements (or the release) of changes to a game. Hell, I even apply the same rigor to my own applications whenever I develop something.

    So, coming back to your point (sorry for the verbosity, but you triggered it :P) - at first I was gonna answer something like "no". Because right now a lot of people don't even see a lot of legendaries; you see them posting every once in a while. On the other hand, I agree that it is cool to have some real "uber" items. I disagree with lowering the droprates of legendaries though - rare items aren't just epic enough for all the casual players (and there are millions of them), legendaries work for them. I'd rather see Blizzard to introduce a new level of items with the rarity of "legendary" in WoW (I only played vanilla, but legendaries there stood up to its name). There was even another category above legendaries in WoW - "artifact" - but I don't know if such an item ever existed. If there was something similar to this, truly epic items, it could be a game changer and a new endgame goal. To be honest, I expected the Hellfire Ring to be an epic item that took weeks to farm, and not something you could use as a brimstone source. Why not make the event 10 (or 100) times harder such that only a small selected few can complete it, and give some nice reward for high-end players in the end (like the proposed idea of ethereal boots, or some other kind of useful but not game-breaking affix).
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    As long as they make them BoA. Otherwise it'll be pointless.
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    They won't do it because of the RMAH. If you have a random chance to get "godly" gear people will no longer feel the need to buy anything on the RMAH. They alredy gave us crafted gear that can roll better than any 2 billion gold item. If you get a chance to fill those other slots (Helm,1 ring,Boots,Belt,Pants and weapons) why would you want to drop $250 on that perfect IK helm or that sick Witching hour?
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    Quote from Encanta

    They won't do it because of the RMAH. If you have a random chance to get "godly" gear people will no longer feel the need to buy anything on the RMAH. They alredy gave us crafted gear that can roll better than any 2 billion gold item. If you get a chance to fill those other slots (Helm,1 ring,Boots,Belt,Pants and weapons) why would you want to drop $250 on that perfect IK helm or that sick Witching hour?

    Please get rid of this "they won't do X because they want everyone to use the AH". Just a couple of days ago multiple posts stated that they want players to play the game, not the AH.

    Getting a godly amulet by crafting will cost the same, on average, as buying it on the AH. It's just that some people are lucky and post their godly amulet roll after craft #58. But only few people will admit they crafted hundreds and got nothing. I think I crafted about a hundred now and not a single one had at least two of the three trifecta stats.

    Same with these godly drops - you would see 1 or 2 of them every 1000 hours of play time, again, "on average". If the drop rate is really as low as rebjorn suggested (think about legendary items in WoW) it's simply not gonna happen that any player in the world will ever reach perfect gear on all slots if the gear is BoA. Therefore, it would even give high-end players another incentive to play on. If these items are not BoA, these rich players can just acquire said gear on the AH as happening now - and soon there'll be nothing left for them to play.

    That being said, Blizzard doesn't want to kill trading, they won't make everything BoA, it's also something they said recently. But if they were to implement such badass items, no one would have "no use" for them - therefore I completely agree with maka, they should be BoA.
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    First; The implementation of BoA items, as well as numerous recent comments from Blizz stating their desire to move itemization away being so AH dependant, show that the AH's aren't Blizz's driving concern.

    Secondly; Blizzard also talked in great length about Legendary items feeling "meh" and their desire to change that.
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