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    The thing i don't like is the uniformity of drops rates between different items. I think bosses should drop items that no other monster can drop. They don't have to be the best items in the game but if every creature in the game can drop every item then there is no incentive at all to farm other areas. Except for a change of scenery a change of scenery is nice but would be made more interesting if different items dropped in each area. Diablo 2 did this very well. and at least in D2 you farmed all the bosses in one game, which you could never do in a short run in D3. There were plenty of different runs in D2 at the moment D3 is really all about act 3 and that is pretty universally acknowledged.

    so yeah different areas, different bosses = different items.
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    Quote from ghoppe

    it should be something like this:
    you have to play act from start to finish and then act boss has mp% chance to drop legendary or set (mp 4=40% chance for example). with mp10 you would get 100% but it could be shitty anyways. "small bosses" would have 50% chance from that (mp4 = 20% chance).
    this way it would be awesome to fight bosses and ppl would run almost 100% of game content.

    That could work only if they actually made bosses alot harder. But yeah sounds kinda cool i guess.

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    Quote from overneathe

    Quote from Litheum

    Who cares? D3 is better than one is really arguing that.
    Thanks for clarifying a point that doesnt matter though. The point stands, forcing any portion of the game is bad design.
    It's really quite obvious you constradict every post of mine, I am really just going to stop replying to you. Kind of feels like your just trolling me.

    Act 3 is only popular because the hardcore theorycrafting bunch of players noticed the density is slightly bigger in that Act. Lots of players do like to run Acts 1 and 2, with just a few also enjoying Act 4. Blizzard hasn't forced anyone, efficiency is "forcing them". The invisible guide to rule all farming games. Just like the elitist bunch are saying Blizzard "forces them" to do dailies in WoW even though they can absolutely not touch them and still cap valor and get great gear. But that's another topic.

    Once density in the Acts is equalized, which I suspect will be Blizz's priority after 1.0.7 goes live, all Acts will be absolutely equal. Except for 4 which is shorter. Sad. But it was so in D2 as well.

    So what are you angry about and why do you think Blizzard is "forcing" anyone into anything? Is it because of density? Can't you be a bit patient? Or are you gonna use the "it's been an year" argument?

    Nah, I've made my points. I have no more arguments. I don't like D3, there's things I think should change......if you want to know what, you can look at any number of posts I've made over the last few months. People are telling me it's pointless to keep complaining about it, so I am going to stop.

    Maybe sometime in the future, a major patch or an expansion, things will come around. But I don't see anything changing soon, and I have definately voiced my opinion clearly and often here. So don't think it's productive for me to continue spending time on these forums.

    I'm having fun playing POE, GW2, and DOTA2. D3 will stay installed, because I will play again at some point, although it may not be until the expansion.
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    Conceptually I think this game does it completely backwards. Why would an underling (elite pack) be harder than the bosses. It's very strange how broken and simple they made the bosses. Take Az as an example. He puts out one summoning thing, that no one even bothers with. Then a fireball that's so slow my grandmother could dodge it. They need to make the bosses have more bells and whisltles to make them much harder/interesting.

    I think that's the current problem with the bosses dropping better items. They're easy and quick. If they made them harder/random/endowed then you could constitute giving them a higher drop rate. And I agree with not allowing a player to warp right to a boss. Put up some restrictions, have the bosses do more and have more/different abilities than that the packs do not. Make them a part of the game instead of just a quick flash in the pants in the story. They're supposed to be lords of hell... but they'd be owned by the elite packs they controlled in real life. Especially since Demons are supposed to be in a perpetual power struggle with one another.
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