Patch 1.0.7 buff mf instead exp on MP

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    Im guess that exp is ok now. HellRing gives buff leroic and some buff of ur follower. It not needed to get 100 paragon faster then now.

    Better give us more MF equal how u wanted gives exp. on 1mp +50% ....

    propably it wont improve droop much but it gona help ppl who dont reach 100 aswell ppl who hit 100 paragon yet.

    if u want make mp more benefit add more bonus from gettin 100 lev smth like new passive skill or w/e
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    Yeah, we should make 5 NV stacks drop only legendaries.

    Come on man, this game is easy enough as it is -_-
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    idk about you. but i have 90 paragon wizz 500h played so far. not afk on ah but true 500 playin

    got 205dps unbuffed only 150m gold never droped endgame item.

    i guess that now system is not justificy cuz someone can play 50h drop item worth 3b but player who play 500h can drop nothing.

    this is problem how rng benefit players who play from 15 may.
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    Thats unlucky. Or maybe you just dont recognize the good stuff.
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    It's just godly items that cost a billion, the rest 98% is relative cheap, even if you start playing from now.
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    IMO less Legendary drops, but more garantied stats.

    Another buff to MF will destroy even more the AH. Noth that I really care, I play hardcore and dont really have the problem your are talking about.
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    If you spend 500 hours looking for that one item then you are missing out on the hundreds of other items (rares) that sell for 1 to 100 million. I sell more rares than legs and have made more money doing so in the near 1000 hours I have played. Heck, I have only found one 5.5 CC mempo and that was this weekend after nearly 1000 hours between two characters.
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    You got to work for your MF not just give it out on a plate. Trust me every man and his dog could get to paragon 50 next patch with ease by the looks of it
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    getting to 50 is already piss easy with just a red gem in your head.They just nerfed the single thing that killed you, especially in higher MP.Game was faceroll now its even more.
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    its not like i dont know witch item are good or not.

    the point is that only near perfect rares are worth smth now. im sold much rare items but them was worth 1 -5m well ... ive got 350k dps buffed im spend ~700-800m on my gear.

    they should reward ppl who spend 500... 1000 or more hour on this game.

    other side im know that its extremaly hard too keep some one to game for 1000 h and anyway diablo do it. ( not mention mmo like eve. wow. old tibia)

    problem is that new player start play make 60 lev wizz spend 10m on archon gear and can play amlost as efficient like person what played 500h.

    there is any reward ...
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    Extra, extra, read all about it:

    Gear devalues over time.
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    not point about gear.

    we dont need faster exp then like now
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    Buffing XP is a great idea imho. Playing one character all the time is boring, I'd like to get all my characters up to Paragon 100 within 5 years. :S
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    Faster XP = more MF, you know. Or more DPS while still being at the MF cap.

    In your case though you've pretty much already beaten Diablo. Maybe gear up a different char?
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    Maybe the bonus EXP won't be very useful to people near 100 paragon, but then again any MF bonus (that doesn't exceed the MF cap) would be redundant as well.

    I'm happy with the bonus to XP at least, since now I might actually play MP 4-5 to lvl up all my characters.

    The only other thing they could consider imho is a gold bonus. But I doubt they will, since a lot of people say the game's saturated with gold already (aka there's too much gold in the economy) and we need more gold sinks, not more gold :fret:
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    Faster XP also makes leveling alts more appealing, either from 0-60 or from 0-100 paragon, which in turns increases the replayability of the game or extends the lifetime of the game for people. For those of us not leveling very fast on our mains, it also lets us finish the paragon leveling faster.

    Actually, the increase in XP seems more like a way to give us better farming options. Currently, just about every XP farming guide says to farm MP0, even with 200k dps (slightly depends on class I suppose, since I'm mostly familiar with a wizard). People don't want to farm MP0 because it's too easy, so they try higher MP which are less efficient, but they dont' like that. Instead, they're raising the XP gains from higher MP to make the XP farming more in line with each other. As was seen from a few other threads with various players competing for how many legendaries they loot, the gain in MF and bonus items from higher MP balances with the higher mob HP so that the approximate legendaries per hour doesn't vary a lot with MP level, at high gear levels. This will make that true for XP, so you can have a lot more freedom to choose your preferred MP level without taking a 50-75% hit to XP per hour.
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