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New patch boring...but thanks!

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    I am thankful for a higher xp I can level my dh to para 100 faster.

    But other than that BORING. More items and plans to farm for...the ring was cool to farm for the first month then boring! The only thing that has changed is I might and I emphasize might farm act 3 mp 2 instead of 1.

    What this game needs is to generate more items that are useful...the game is all about the item hunt and all you have done is create items that are account bound. Great now I need more mule characters to hold all the countless hours of crap I will find. Only to hope to find that cc Mempo or one or two other useful items that will actually be an upgrade.

    The only thing that will make this game better is more content and making me want to farm something other than act 3 and the three useful maps.

    Make it so we can change the stat of an item to one more suitable to your character..then making it account bound. Don't care but make it so you can somehow change or add to your characters or weapons.

    That is my one and only rant.

    (Still addicted to the game for now...)
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    There are one positive, one negative and one neutral topics open already. You can leave your comment there.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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