Oh a legendary! No wait, it's a text...

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    Been playing way too much lately and the legendary sound started to become my heroin so just to torment meself even more I added the legendary drop sound to my iPhone as a text tone. God I hate playing when people are texting me...

    Anyways, just thought someone might wanna spice up their phone too so here's the tone. Just put it in iTunes and move it to your iPhone once connected and it will show up under sound/text-tones.

    http://majls.net/tem...y_text_tone.m4r (it's itunes/iphone ring tone file format, hosted at my own webspace (virus free ofc))
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    I hate texting and never use it... But this is pretty neat (as a form of self-torture).

    So thank you for sharing with the community. :)

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    My text makes the "alert" sound from Metal Gear Solid (sound that indicates you've been spotted by an enemy unit). Had to turn its volume a bit down cause it had a tendency of scaring the shit outta me and others. Kinda makes you feel the need to immediately jump off the couch and run as quietly as possible to the kitchen counter, duck behind it and hide.

    My main ringtone is also from MGS. The codec ringtone.
    *ring ring*
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    Awesome! I've had a song as my text tone and it has been annoying the living shit through me because I'm too lazy to change it. Now I have an excuse to get off my ass and do so!
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