Improving D3 Gameplay

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    Hello everyone! I´ll just jump right into it... I LOVE this game, D3 is the only game I play... and still, I am getting very close to quitting if not there yet after 12 years of d2 and then some more of d1.

    I have a plvl 62 monk that farms mp5 like nothing... I have never put a single dolar in to the AH, 90% of my gear is found... Heck! I even give away gear to my brother and some friends.

    I have lvled to 60 all clases except for barb (lvl 55), and even played some HC... Yet I feel like quitting cause it just feels like a job with no reward! Yada yada, you all heard this a million times, I started this thread to share my thoughts on what Blizz could change (or include on future patches/exp) to make this game more enjoyable for everyone.



    Anyone remember Arkaine´s Valor from D1 ? Griswolds Edge? The Emyperean Band? The Undead Crown? THE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS TO GET BUTCHER SICKLE?!? Now those items made your game experience shine!! They gave your char a HUGE boost when he got them, yet they were eventually shadowed by the better loot to be found later on.

    I miss that! I miss RANDOM quests that make my game experience less linear!

    What´s this crap about killing the skelleton king with your barb, just to get a rare quiver and some tomes? Is my barb freaking retarded, or blind?? PICK UP HIS GOD DAMNED MACE, YOU BIG APE!!!

    IMHO when you kill a boss, you should have a chance to get at least one piece of that boss´s "set" based on each difficulty. Nothing fancy! Just something that will get you going (and account bound)

    And then in inferno I would like some really rare RANDOM LOOT QUESTS, just about as rare as finding a legendary or set, just to get a quest where you are taken to a uber area with better drops, increased difficulty and a HIGH CHANCE to get a set/leg at the end.

    The hellforge from D2 ? A guarateed CHANCE to score a good item with every new char you are willing to take to inferno?? GIMME SOME O´ THAT!!

    Kinda wall of text on my first post, so I´ll wrap it up... I have a lot of ideas and suggestions, but want to know how you guys feel about this!!

    Sorry for wall of bad english text! =P
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