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    I lost my cellphone with the authenticor app in it ( the phone has been disabled by the cell provider ... I now have a new phone with the same phone number.. can I just go download the authenticator app on my new phone and have it work ? I can play D3 for now ..until it ask for the authentication ... I dread to lose my account ( I wont be buying a new one and starting all over)
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    contact customer support, they should be able to help
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    If you activated mobile alerts and your mobile number is the same as you say you can just remove the authenticator from your account as it will send the verification to do so to your phone
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    As thunder mentioned you should immediately contact Blizzard that your phone has been lost/stolen and you'd want to replace/remove the authenticator attached to it. They'll tell you how to proceed from there.
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    thanks guys
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    In the future, record the serial found with your authenticator and the restore code. All you need to do is punch in those keys to restore any authenticator to match your BNet account (be sure to hit sync as well).

    I did this when I switched from my HTC Droid to my current iPhone. Also have the authenticator on my Kindle Fire and the family iPad.
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    Exactly, just bought a new iPhone and when I downloaded the app again I just used the numbers off the original app and it linked just fine. Do your "due-diligence" and record the numbers and keep them safe in case of losing your phone again.
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