Creeps not at full health

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    Yeah I've been noticing too.

    At first I thought it was my follower just hitting them slightly off the screen or something but I tested it a day back or so.

    Kinda weird little bug. I wonder how it happens. Maybe some type of base health value coding mistake or whatever.
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    I started to lvl a WD and the health of all the mobs is normal, but when I switch to a lvl 60 and run some farming mobs are missing health.
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    I've experienced this as well.

    My explanation would be that the envirement is damaging the mobs.
    For example in act 3 the fire that's there does hurt the mobs.

    I actually use it sometimes when encoutering an elite or champ pack so they die quicker.
    For the other acts I've got no clue how they could be damaged...
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    It's been happening to me for like 2 weeks or so. Always under 95% hp. It's definitely a bug, enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Same for me. I've even found a goblin on around 90%. They always run when they get hurt and this one was just waiting like nothing happened xD
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    Isnt creeps something from Minecraft?

    Do you mean the monsters? ;) Yeah, HP-issue will be fixed tomorrow.

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    creeps are also used as a reference in DotA esque games that infers mobs. not just minecraft :P
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    I noticed it, but it was after I switched to firewalkers. Is anyone else using an item with a similar effect like the firewalkers have?
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    Started noticing this about a week ago. I came across a fresh elite mob that was at almost 2/3 hp. Makes a big difference on MP8. Sometimes white mobs are at 1/2 hp.
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    Quote from Bleu42

    The only thing I've experienced is random gold on the ground in places I haven't been yet, and once in a great while magic items. It could be some NPC's fighting mobs tho.

    but for op, is it every mob that you meet? And if so are their healthbars already activated above their heads?

    Sorry for my slow respond, but no not every mob, but around 40% and yes the healthbar is activated. there might go a while with like 50mobs all at 100% health but then suddenly i meet 20 mobs in a pack all with 95% hp.
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    At Stonefort, after the first ballista event, there are always 2 mounds of gold. MP doesn't matter (i've played 0 through 5, they're always there).

    In Core of Arreat a good 20% of stygian crawlers come with 70-90% of life, without any reason.
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    Noticed the same thing, but when I switched from Storm Armor - shocking aspect to Energy armor, it didn't happen anymore.
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    Quote from Khesh

    Noticed the same thing, but when I switched from Storm Armor - shocking aspect to Energy armor, it didn't happen anymore.

    Lol that sounds weird ^^
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    Yep been happening for me too, although I wouldn't say it's common, but I'll see it a handful of times in any given run. Also started playing my level 2 wizard, and noticed that it was happening with her as well, on normal mp0.
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    Is anyone else experiencing this who is NOT lvl 60? I just lvl'ed one char to 60 and all mobs had 100% hp. It was a WD with no hellfire ring
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    I started leveling a DH last night.(1-30) and i had no hellfire ring for the first few quests and their health was missing. Then when i switched it to MP10 and got my hellfire ring the health was still missing. This happend so far from acts 1-3.
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    I've been seeing this bug for awhile now and just thought it was my imagination.

    I'd zone into a new area for the first time.. sprint to the first pack .. and see them with health bars already.. meaning they took damage from something. There's nothing around them that would have given them damage so I was confused and just kept playing the game that way.
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    Hmm I actually haven't noticed it on my low lvl hardcore barb.

    I think it might be just on 60's? Anyone else who can confirm the same?
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    Noticed this as well. At random mobs come at me with anything from a few % missing to almost half health. I play melee only, so it cant be stray shots.
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    y, the same here.. few % missin sometimes even half of hps
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