PVP Expanison Idea.

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    Ya.. I know we are still waiting for the PvP arena to be released...And left wondering why we just can't have a simple dule button added.

    But i really wish i could pass this idea on to blizzard for a new pvp style game... Maybe for an xpac release since i would gladly pay for this.

    Its basically a FFA type pvp game... A throw back to the old D2 style ffa games with 8 players max.

    First off a small camp(town), with a spiked wooden fence surrounding it. Allowing stash and vendor access..with different entrances to the battlefield. (3 second imune to damage or doing damage when you enter)

    Second... The battlefield would have be based off the same theme but the catch is the only way back into town when you enter is by town portal.

    Third... HOSTILE BUTTON. Basically this would be a great place to bring back this feature. Just click on players icon and hostile on unhostile.

    Fourth... Have 4 different settings for these FFA type games. Where dying transfers gold from the dead player to the winner/pkr. But have 4 settings.

    Settings go from...

    1.) No gold losss.. (for newbs or just casual fun)

    2.) 100 gold per death.

    3) 1000 gold per death

    4) 100 000 gold per death.

    Dying will respawn player in town.

    Players can only enter the game if they have the gold in the stash .. If not they would not be allowed to enter the game and be auto kicked from game when they no longer have the gold to play.

    This would create an almost gambling type atmosphere..With that old skool FFA feel.

    And last but not least... Add the option to make private games.

    Anyone else like this idea?
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