Is a ban possible?

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    Lately I've found that playing the AH is better in terms of gold income, than farming the game. What I do is basically refresh the ah non stop and stalking if for good offers. This seems to count towards the game limit, so Im being disconnected every 5-10mins (due to reaching game limit), so I have to relog.

    Ofc I am not using any third party programs, everything is done manually.

    So my question is - Am I in a danger of a ban? Is this against any game rules?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Noone? :(

    Well hope it's ok.
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    its not bannable, as long as you do everything by yourself and dont have a program doing it for you
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    I think playing the ah is how most of the top d3 players do it, wish i was good at it xD
    No using what they have given you how its intented isnt banable
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    Quote from Gnarf

    its not bannable, as long as you do everything by yourself and dont have a program doing it for you

    also make sure you're not running anything in the background that blizzard could misinterpret as one of these said programs; I've heard of bans given out for running linux
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    I think you can get at least a temporary ban either for suspicion of botting or for what you are actually doing, namely using the AH as investment tool. It seems that the latter is also against the terms of use.

    Some general rules:
    1. If you have to ask whether you can be banned for something, the answer is usually yes.
    2. If you do something that disconnects/crashed you on a regular basis, it's also an indicator that you are not using the game in the way it is intended to be used, so you might face a ban.

    Most top players that I know or that I look up on diabloprogress have their paragon levels in the 70-100 range. This means that they play a lot, which is most likely the reason why they hav been able to buy high end gear. Sure it's possible that they play the AH or buy stuff on the RMAH in addition, but it's by no means mandatory.
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    I've played the gold AH from launch until the beginning of 1.04 (when new legendaries arrived). I haven't found it as worthwhile since then, though I occasionally do it when the opportunity comes up. I guarantee you won't be banned for playing the gold AH.

    Play the RMAH? I guarantee you will be banned.
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    Yes,you can get banned for this,be it a false positive program running in background,or simply suspicion of botting based on behaviour.
    Don't be naive it's just regular people on the other side with limited tools,looking for patterns,and once you are in the trash can,you can't really prove your innocence, it's a typical 'i say they say' argument.
    You might want to consider purchasing another D3 for your AH sniping,but at the very least,always run the game in fullscreen mode,close everything else that you don't need in the background,and take frequent breaks.
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    Considering how easy it is to trigger the input limit (I get it just by scrolling down my auction history or joining/leaving chat channels), I doubt they'd drop the banhammer so soon until they streamline the system to eliminate false positives (and angry reprisals from wronged players).

    That being said, you'd probably still want to go the safer route and introduce more 'human' behavior into your routine
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I guess I'll do what shadowbane said - introduce more 'human' behavior into my routine :)
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    bans occur pretty much random .. and yes you can be banned for bot behavior .. i got a buddy, wich was extremly addicted to diablo 2; often played absolutly legit for 48-72h .. he got a ban for "obviously" beeing a bot
    on the other hand i know ppl cheating and not beeing affected at all .. someone got 5 botaccounts running in d2 and only one of them ever got banned; 2 got a temp ban Oo .. a temp ban for a bot? lol

    and in d3 the same ... a buddy runs a bot since ober 3 month now + several addons like lootalert etc ... still nothing happened ....
    edit: ... still dont know anyone beeing banned for playing legit in d3 ... but there only has been one banwave yet
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    Well, no... unless they see your avatar :P
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    Once you reach a certain Amount of Gold, you will be temporary banned.
    However, they do unban your Account after looking into gotta call em though.

    In the 7 Years ive played WoW i loved playing the AH all day, here on the other hand...
    I dunno really, i like flipping sometimes...but in most cases it just aint worth it, and afterall...

    I just want to play the Game :-)
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    By all means, I love playing the game (got paragon lvl 70 monk), but as with everyone I guess, there are times when you just get tired of farming. And surprisingly, I found playing the AH funny :D and well... lucrative. In like 10 days I've made more than 550 millions and to me at least, that's well worth it.
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